Friday, May 16, 2014

Digital Scrapbooking Classes at Studio Calico

This week has been crazy busy for me, I've been at my desk writing some tutorials for the latest FREE Class at Studio Calico that launched this week, its called Digital Basis and if you have ever wanted to learn about Digital Scrapbooking now is the time to do it.

Here is what is being covered in the class

Getting Started :
  • What’s the difference between Photoshop and PSE? We’ll show you how to download a trial of PSE so you give digital a try!
  • Downloading and opening files
  • Saving files

 Organization :
  • Organizing your SC digital files on the dashboard
  • Organizing files on your computer

 Printing Basics :
  • Setting Up Documents
  • Flattening Layers & Saving Files
  • CYMK vs RGB
  • Print Settings

There will also be tutorials on working with the Studio Calico Digital files, in particular;

Stamp Brushes : 
  • How to load the brushes
  • resizing and recoloring brushes

  • Working with layers
  • Using a clipping mask

  Printables : 
  • Printing printable elements
  • Using printable cards and accents individual digital elements

  Digital cardstock : 
  • Ideas for using digital cardstock
  • How to edit and resize digital cardstock

  Cut Files : 
  • Setting up the workspace and blade / cut settings in Silhouette Studio
  • What’s the difference between .PNG, .SVG & .STUDIO?
  • How to trace a .PNG
  • How to turn on cut lines on a .SVG with Silhouette Studio’s Designers software

  BONUS : 
  • Incorporating text on photos and printables
  • Using SC digital with PicMonkey (a free program)

The tutorials I worked on for this class are Organizing your Digital Files (which is already live) and Working with Digital Templates and with Digital Cardstock (which will be posted 5/21).  They were a lot of fun to put together and I hope the information is really helpful to get you going with Digital Scrapbooking.

Here one version of the Templates that are being offered with the class files

Here is a sneak peak at the Project Life® spread I made for the class.

Learning how to incorporate Digital into my process was the best thing I ever did.  It seems these days that every single thing I make starts on my computer and I love how much versatility using digital elements provides.  I can turn any item into any color, any size and anything I need it to be with just a few clicks of my mouse and I love that about digital scrapbooking.

To sign up and get started with the Digital Basics Class click here.

And while you are at it I would suggest signing up for the next class being taught by Shanna Noel

Beyond the Digital Basics will continue along but get a bit more in depth with the ideas and instruction.  Here is what you will receive and a list of all of the digital files included when you sign up for this class.

What you'll get:
  • 10 how to videos from Shanna covering techniques for templates, stamp brushes, digital paper, printables and digital die cut files
  • 10 tutorials from the contributors covering techniques for templates, stamp brushes, digital paper, printables and digital die cut files
  • 20 new digital / hybrid projects to inspire you
  • a class message board to interact with Shanna and your fellow students
  • new challenges each week

Bonus Digital Files:
  • Digital patterned paper (Shanna Noel for Studio Calico)
  • Digital Templates (Shanna Noel for Studio Calico)
  • Digital Alphabet Stamp Set (Shanna Noel for Studio Calico)
  • Digital Stamps (Shanna Noel for Studio Calico)
  • Digital Embellishments (Shanna Noel for Studio Calico)
  • Digital Die Cut Files (Shanna Noel for Studio Calico)
  • Digital Washi Photo Frames (Shanna Noel for Studio Calico)

Here is a look at just a few of the digital files you are getting with this class.  Shanna did such as amazing job designing the items for the class.

Shanna has a really great intro video for this class and you can see more images and sign up right here.  

I sure hope to see you in both classrooms!

Have a great weekend!

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