Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Project Life 2013 - weeks 45 and 46

I love traveling but I hate being behind and since I was you're getting two weeks for the price of one. I apologize in advance for all the photos and for the less than stellar photos too. My camera is in the shop getting tuned and repaired.  Remember that lens issue I thought I was having, well I was.  It's a mess.  Hoping to get it all back and brand new like before Thanksgiving.

I'll keep the commentary to a minimum so here are the spreads...

It was a big week, of course the tooth falls out the night before I'm leaving on a trip and I was not ready, par for the course I suppose but we pulled out a win in the end.  A super big day for my brother, love him so much and so proud to share his special days with him.

Some snaps from the trip and our return flight was epic, it will be hard to beat. We started our trip to Disneyland at the end of this week so just a bit of it here.

I missed a game while I was gone and of course she scored two goals.  Why she waits for one of us to be gone to score I don't know, maybe she feels less pressure, who knows.  These pics were snapped by my friend at an indoor clinic the girls are doing and I love them so it was nice to have something to include for the week.

Here is Week 46, I managed to get 45 pictures into the main spread (not counting the insert) which I think is a new personal best for me.

Since the main part of our trip was the four days it worked great to use the right side for each day.  One slot of journaling and one large 4x6 that flips out for each days photos.  The left side were photos from the trip that I wanted to highlight in case someone doesn't want to look at all the flip ups, in essence some of my faves.

The little epoxy days of the week banners that came in the recent Studio Calico Cuppa Project Life Kit were perfect for my journaling cards.  I made the little paper pieces to fit underneath mimicking the cut of the epoxy pieces and just attached them to my printed journaling with a tiny attacher.

Here are two of the cards flipped out so you can see.  I just made 4x6 collages and attached them to the cardstock fold out piece.  If you want info on how I do the flip outs, you can see my tutorial here. It's the same technique just a different size.

I made some changes to the main spread after I posted it to Instagram and moved my one photo from Friday night to the insert because it was related to our end of the season soccer party. Our final game was Saturday morning and it was a win for our team. It was a really great season and we look forward to continuing with this crazy crew as we move indoors.

With all this said I'm happy to be back on track, I have quite a few projects that need to get done before the end of the month, especially December Daily.  You'll be seeing me back in no time with more to share.

Have a great week!
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