Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Project Life 2013 - week 47

I ended up using a lot of cards from the recent Cuppa Project Life kit from Studio Calico. The cards just all seemed to work in the spots I needed to fill and I always love when that happens.  I find that with the protectors I'm using Design D and F I need to make the cards work for me like I did with the numbered cards.

We celebrated Larry's birthday this past week, my mother in law looking ubber stylish on an outing, my sweet girl being sweet which is super awesome.

The calendar date card was in the kit and I really wanted to make sure it got used before the month ran out. I added a little bit of red stitching to tie it in to the few pops of red on the layout.  The holiday music has started but I'm trying to take it slow until after Thanksgiving.  A little holiday cheer for my phone wallpaper, a picture of my DD cover, a lunch date with my friends and their kids, some stuff about me underneath the woodgrain card that I loved. Me in camo, never thought that would happen, like ever.  Some photos of my girl playing indoor soccer courtesy of my super talented friend. Our holiday DIY projects and our first Christmas movie of the season. Let me tell you how happy I was that Simone watched this. She's always been afraid of him but I coaxed her thru the beginning and she ended up loving it, yay!

Here is a close-up of the stitching on the title card, super simple back stitches but I do love the pop of red on the grey.

I hope you all have a really lovely Thanksgiving and if you're hitting the stores late or early please be safe.  I'll be attending Black Friday via my comfy sofa while under a blanket.
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