Friday, November 22, 2013

December Daily 2013 - the cover

Oh its beginning to look a lot like...... I won't say it but you know it's coming.

I finally carved out a few moments on Wednesday to work on my December Daily cover and happily this one took less than 10 minutes (not including drying time). A first for me and a purposeful one at that.  I loved the album that came with my Studio Calico December Daily kit but I just didn't want to have to paint my album again this year especially since my last two were painted.  Plus I kind of had my heart set on a solid color this year and I wasn't sure I would be able to match the red spine well enough that it wouldn't bug me. 

Enter in the new Studio Calico handbook line and bam, hello red!  I ordered that baby up in no time flat.  I had purchased a super cute wood veneer ornament from Michaels and thought it would be great on the cover.  I thought about embossing the whole thing either in gold or taking the time to use green on the holly, red on the berries and gold on the deer but that seemed like it would take forever and had the risk of not turning out the way I had hoped.  When I laid it on the album cover to make my decision I loved how the blond wood looked against the red background.  I dug thru my stash and found some ancient red rhinestones and thought the addition of that little bit of red dimension was perfect.  The gold twenty-thirteen flag was in the kit and I knew that was going on the cover and it just rounded the whole thing out perfectly.

The rhinestones were sticky backed but I opted to use some of this glue just to make sure they didn't pop off and attached the whole veneer piece and the gold flag to the outside of the album with some red line tape so I'm pretty sure it's not going anywhere.

As far as the inside goes, I have some ideas in my head of the direction and feel I want the album to have which is based a lot on what came in the kit.  I do need to go thru my supplies and see what else I might want to add to it and need to do that fairly soon. Other than that I don't think I'll pre-do any pages like I have in the past.  Again, the free and easy approach is a place I'm hoping to stay in this year.
I'm looking forward to this so very much, its the highlight of the season for me and I can't wait to add a 5th album to my collection.

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  1. Love the festive red and the gorgeous reindeer.