Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Project Life 2013 - week 38

Wow, it feels like its been forever since I posted, sorry about that.  I meant to post last week some sneaks of my week 37 spread (it's being submitted for the Cutting Edge class), but I'm still not quite done.  I will post some when its done probably at the very end of this week or early next week.

On to this weeks spread and its Autumn, yay! I managed to get a few fall-ish parts in which makes me happy.  I seriously can't believe were here again so quickly.

I had to squeeze all the pictures from the majority of the week on the left side as usual so it's an eclectic mix for sure.  A lunch date for Simone with her Aunt after school on Monday, my favorite fall food items are popping up at the store, a much needed bath for me one morning, extra soccer practices with Daddy, our morning walks to school, a sweet treat for me, a clear sign I'm not getting any younger, a super cool art project that Simone received from Kiwi Crate and the first official day of Autumn. The You are Here geo tag card is from the September Studio Calico Double Scoop Project Life Kit. The Hello alpha on the title card is from the Main scrapbook kit and it's from the Amy Tangerine Cut and Paste line, I need these in every color, love them!

For the right side I picked a few posts I made on social media that I wanted to remember and documented the upgrade for my phone and ipad (love it).  The bottom is all Saturday, we hit a music festival in the late morning and Simone had a super fun birthday party that night, and yes if you noticed I've fixed the typo on the skating card.  I always notice after I've photographed everything, darn it.  The two middle horizontal cards are from the Mint Chip and Double Scoop Project Life kit (linked above).

I decided to leave the soccer game pictures to an insert, it just makes sense since I usually have lots to include.  Only one photo on the insert is mine (the small photo of the Dad's with wagons), the rest taken by the same team Dad I mentioned previously, he's amazing and mine pale in comparison which makes for easy decision on what to include. I am loving my little recap cards and just took notes on my phone by quarter and it made filling it out super easy today.

I hope you have a great rest of the week, mine is super busy which is both good and bad, I'm sure you can relate.
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