Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Project Life 2013 - week 36

This past weekend was my daughters first official soccer match so I dedicated the whole right side to the day. Luckily for us one of the Dad's is an amazing photographer and shared some really awesome photos with us. The photo I enlarged for the right hand side top section and the photo directly below it are his. The other two are mine and barely come close to his. You should see the amazing camera he has.

Because the right side is so bold and so purple I opted to keep the left side a bit softer. I did carry the purple over to the title card to help balance it out and added the silver star for consistency. The top right dance in the rain card and the book outline card at the bottom are from this set by Valorie Wibbens and can be found at The Lilypad, It rained on Labor Day so we ran outside in our jammies for a bit, it was fun. Its funny because it rained on Memorial Day as well. I guess mother nature wants us to do something other than hang out outside on these holidays. I guess she feels we have enough sunshine the other days of the year.  One day after school we had a lunch out and saw a movie, I got some super cute new shoes. Simone had a friend over for a lunch date after school. The super cute composition book card is by Emily Merrit and can also be found at The Lilypad here. I opted instead of making it flip up I made it flip open like a book (the inside is below). Simone has been putting herself to bed lately so a bit about that. It was super hot this past weekend so summer isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and of course football is back!

So apparently there is homework in Kindergarten now, man alive! I used a few cute elements from this set by Shanna Noel at Studio Calico to help tell the story.

Here is the right side and that amazing photo. The digital element on top of the photo is also from Shanna's set that I linked to above. I had originally printed it with a white border but because the 4x6 slots are a bit looser than the other two the white border wasn't lining up right and it bugged me so I removed it. The two photos that I took help back up the journaling I did which I kept super simple.

It's funny because when we first moved here I was super against soccer, I did not want to be that mom, on the sidelines every Saturday. Boy was I wrong, its so much fun and the girls have an amazing time. It sure helps that we have a super amazing coach and super fun families to spend our time with.

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