Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Project Life 2013 - week 25

What a great week! Let's get to it.

On Monday I volunteered in Simone's preschool class for the last time, it was sweet to watch them practicing for their promotion party that's coming up and I was tasked with assembling each child's portfolio and as the journaling says I forced myself not to look at Simone's. I want to wait for that day to see it all. I need to remember to bring my Kleenex.  The title card was kind of a pain, I had the cork paper and wanted to make it look like a cork board on the wall. I had a heck of a time getting that little cut edge on the calendar I made on my Cameo. In the end it worked and I love it!
Simone had her first week of swim lessons for the summer, we had our first summer artichoke. Sorry the white text is really hard to read when photographed.  A quote I found on Pinterest that really spoke to me. Instagram updated and added video, so of course we made one while Larry was filling our tank at the gas station. A toy that Simone had to have but we didn't buy, I may go back for it because it was so cute.

I ordered my first batch of prints from Origrami, and I LOVE them. We took a bike ride last week while Simone was at school, it was great. We took a quick day trip to a new lake and had a picnic lunch. It was lovely, we might go back and camp there. The first day of summer and Simone's water play day at preschool all in the same day.
I decided to do two small 7x5 inserts this week, the first is of the super moon, did you see it? We did on Saturday and it was awesome! In case you were wondering, that photo below is mine, I shot it with my camera with the longest zoon lens I own.  I used this tutorial on what settings to use and it worked great.  I did take this out of the protector before I photographed it because black just loves to glare from inside plastic.
Larry brought out the telescope and Simone loved looking at the moon. 
We had a small-ish gathering of six families that we have spent the past two years in preschool with. It's going to be hard to say goodbye, but hopefully we'll still see each other. Two of the families will continue on with Simone at grammar school so that's great and two will be playing soccer with Simone in the fall.  Six families however, produce a lot of kids, 14 in total, including our one. My two photos from the day are all of the kids. The adults were having too much fun gabbing and eating and I ended up not taking as many adult photos as I should have. The little wooden tab pulls out a tag that has all the kids names on it. Because in 20 years I probably won't be able to remember them.
The kids all swam and had a blast running throughout the house playing like kids do. They did all sit for just a bit to eat and I snapped this shot of them.
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great rest of the week.

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  1. Another great week. Love your picture of the moon. Good job as always, Teri