Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Project Life 2013 - week 24

I can't believe how close we are to the half way point in the year.  As you can see my volume one album is pretty close to full so I'm hoping that I can squeeze these last three weeks in.

I suppose that half inch thick mini book I made for the Fair a few weeks ago hasn't helped but I'm pretty sure I can make it all work. I'm just focusing on keeping everything flat as best as I can.

I just received 3 packs of the Design F protectors, 1 pack of Design D as well as another album from Amazon this past week so I should be set for supplies for the rest of the year. The album is We Are Memory Keepers, the color is Vanilla. 

On to this week, a whole bunch of Father's Day which I dedicated the whole left side too.  I realized I need to start making more layouts again to contain all these pictures I can't use.  I've been so bad on keeping up with them so I really need to start focusing on them again.

Larry's son was working close enough that they could both meet up in Lake Tahoe on Saturday for a visit so he snapped a picture of them while they were hanging out at the lake.  He came home Sunday around noon so Simone and I were able to give him his gifts and celebrate a bit.  I had decided at the last minute to make something so I sent a message to the older two kids and asked that they take a photo holding a letter.  What they sent back was fantastic! I couldn't have asked for better photos. I snapped Simone's picture on Saturday, the three photos I used are at the bottom and you can see the finished piece that I gave Larry on the top right side.

The card in the center top is from the Moment's collection at Studio Calico, designed by Nicole Reaves.

Since the slots were all used for photos I opted to make the center card flip out to hold the journaling about Fathers Day and a few other pictures from Sunday. I have found this is always a great way to squeeze a bit more in without having to create a whole other insert.

One struggle I had this week was how to fit in the pictures I took at a Japanese Tea Garden we visited. I loved them and they were screaming for super large blow ups but I didn't want to create an insert. I decided to use one as my title card and just add the date right on the photo. Its not quite as big as I wanted it to be but these pictures really need their own layout so that needs to happen ASAP. The rest of the top row was more pictures from that day, the yellow card at the end is also from the Moments set. 

Simone got her much anticipated letter about kindergarten this past week, we've been waiting not so patiently for its arrival.  Her school is year round so luckily we did get the track we wanted just not the time so were hoping for a last minute change on that. I shared a little about the blog feature Shanna did on me last week, I ended up matching my Starbucks cup perfectly and these yummy almonds were devoured in about two days.  A cute photo of Larry and Simone prior to the Father's Day field trip with preschool, the card next to it is also from the Moments set. The last picture was too cute not to use, Simone and I coloring on Saturday and she drew what looks a lot like a set of islands in the Pacific on her forehead!

The little pocket on the bottom left is actually the packaging that Studio Calico uses for their kit stamps. It's new and this one is sized just a smidgen over 3x4 so when it came I thought it would be fun to use here. I trimmed it just a bit so the size was right and covered a few parts of it with cardstock and photos. The little veneer clip was from a kit I purchased from Studio Calico, they aren't sold separately but sure could be. I attached it to the bottom flap with my tiny attacher.

The color on the inside was such a pretty shade I left as much as possible showing, and made sure to leave the Yes Please phrase, it went so well with my picture.

So if you have any of these make sure you hold on to them, my mind is spinning with ideas of what to do with the little ones too.

I hope you have a great rest of the week!


  1. I LOVE this to a million pieces! I have been working on getting more interactive pieces in my album this month, the husband says he misses those (how cute) and i LOVE your idea with the stamp packaging, you are amazing!

  2. Lots of great information. Really love the Father's Day card you made for Larry with the picture of the 3 kids. Very cleaver. Keep up your good work, very inspiring. Teri

  3. Wow I wish I was able to keep up with weekly pages- your pages are so fun to look at! My album is not full at all as I capture a daily moment here or there. Have a great day! see you on instagram!