Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Project Life 2013 - week 23

Another week where I really had to edit down the photos to only the ones I really loved or the stories I really wanted to tell.  Sometimes you just can't fit it all in and that's okay.

Here is the full spread

My poor UPS man came to deliver my June Studio Calico kit Monday night at 9:15pm, which is crazy that he was still out there but since I hadn't done my title card yet it worked out. I was able to pull one of the new Moments cards by my friend Nicole Reaves to use for it.  The rest of this side was made up of the photos that I just couldn't hit delete on and really wanted to include.  Larry snapped the shot of Simone at the park and I love the way it turned out, I did edit it with several filters from Rad Lab. A lunch out for us, hitting the gym, a little outdoor reading session (finished this is less than two days. Not as good as the first but it was still a good read). The food trucks come to town once a month and we made sure to hit it up this month, it was crazy busy and a fun night out. An impromptu trip to the movies with some preschool friends (it was really good), Simone plays doctor all the time and her bears are usually the patients when we aren't available. She's been telling us this joke nonstop and it cracks her up every time, this card is from the Midnight core kit that I purchased digitally and modified a bit so I could add my own text.

The right side focuses mainly on our wicked hot weather Friday and Saturday. I decided to experiment with the heat, and if my husband and brother in law hadn't decided to finish cooking the egg on the stove I would have had taken another shot of it at the end of the day. Party Poopers! Saturday was really hot so we made some shade and just sat in the pool for a few hours.  My brother made a quick overnight stop at our house and treated me to a night out to see Les Miserables. It was AMAZING! What a great night. He left Sunday after breakfast but it was so awesome to see him. The card at the bottom middle is also from the digital Midnight core kit, I modified it a bit so it would fit the horizontal card slot.

Thankfully our weather is back down where it should be so were enjoying some time outside since were not melting. I hope you have a great rest of the week.

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