Monday, September 17, 2012

The Flower Girl 2.0

This past Friday was our nieces wedding and Simone was asked to be the flower girl.  Her second time in her very short 4.75 years.

We arrived early for pictures and slipped Simone into her dress.  I snapped these photos while waiting for the official photographer to do her thing.

I did her hair, something I'm not super comfortable doing but I found a style that was supposed to look a little messy and then added lots of flowers and rhinestones to cover the not so great bits.  Everyone loved it so that was good, score one for mommy!

After the photographer took the pictures with the bride and bridesmaids Simone came back with much better poses.  Can you say SASSY!

The wedding was at sunset and the setting was lovely.  Larry helped the groom make the cross and it was such a nice touch. 

She takes her work very seriously...

I loved this one, Simone watching the bride walk down the aisle.

The wedding party all together after the ceremony.

and Simone with the happy couple.

It really was a lovely wedding, we wish you all the best K & L! XOXO