Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Project Life - Week 37

Another full week, lots of stuff to include which was great, even added a insert.

Here is the full spread minus the insert

and the left side

I loved this new paper that came in the Studio Calico card kit this month. I love the stitch pattern.  I added a few little bits and called it done.  Took forever to decide on the bits though so don't go thinking this came together in seconds more that minutes, like 20 minutes.  Sometimes its hard to decide if somethings is right or not.

This launch at Target actually got me up and out of the house pretty early on Sunday, I really wanted that cutting board and also came home with the set of dish towels.  I resisted everything else!

Family came over Sunday for a swim, loved this picture of my niece and Simone sharing the floaty, and my super red face, post bike ride. 

Larry went in search of the big bike trail and found it, loved the picture he texted me. 

Clearly the weather is unaware of the date and we had super summer like conditions this past week.

Some shots from the first week of soccer that you saw already.

9/11, had to include something and I was so happy to see this graphic on the Swackett weather app, way to go Swackett people.  I included my facebook post and my IG comments from the day.

Here is the insert, all about the big day!  I used a Becky Higgins 6x12 insert for the first time and liked it.  The front was easy, the back was two 6x6 photo collages I made in PSE and printed on my regular printer (on photo paper).  I just adhered them to the back of the cardstock and added a little row of rhinestones to hide the spot where they were joined.

Here is the right side

A few shots of what Simone is loving right now, thanks Grandma T for the sticker book, it was a big hit!

A shot from the wedding rehearsal on Thursday night.

A few random bits, lately I've had a match for every pair of Simone's socks when doing laundry, I wonder how long that will continue. 

Glee was back this week, didn't love the episode but hoping it picks up as the season progresses.  Not sure if I like the kids being separated like they are.

My phone completely wigged out on me and went all kinds of crazy so I had to back it up and restore it.  Which of course opened up a whole other can of worms with my computer migration and my itunes library so the fix ended up taking a few hours. 

The little card came with an order of stamps I got from my Insta friend, Nicole.

I'm so ready for the holidays to come and I've been agonizing about purchasing the December Daily kit from Studio Calico, I loved last years kit but didn't love this years, the size was throwing me off so I had many conversations with myself about not buying it if I didn't love it, so I restrained.  Happily my favorite designer hinted this past week that she was making her own kit!  I'm so excited to see what she puts together and was happy to hear while we tweeted about it that my size issues won't be a concern with her kit.

This past Saturday had me back at Target and happily I found my favorite fall candy, have you had these, OMG they are delish!  So happy to see the approach of all things fall, I'm ready!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great rest of the week!

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  1. Great layout! I'm loving the wedding photo collages and now I need those Hershey kisses. Can't wait to hear about what you do for your December Daily. ;)