Friday, September 14, 2012

Call me soccer mom...

Simone started soccer this past Monday evening.  She was super excited to go and had an absolute blast.

One of her school friends lent us a pair of cleats and we bought her the shin guards, socks and shorts.  Larry bought her the ball awhile back when we initially signed her up and she's been practicing in the back yard.

I took these shots out back before we left.  They were going to issue a team shirt when we arrived but I think the pink looked cute.

Thankfully the team shirts were white, since it was so hot Monday night and there is pretty much no shade near the field.  There were quite a few kids on hand for the academy and a few from her preschool class which is great.  It's nice that we can hang out as families together.  They are still a bit too young to be on the team so this year they started this program for the 4 year olds to get them ready for next year.  She's got the one foot on the ball pose down nicely! 

She took right to it and had a blast kicking the ball around even before the practice started.

These shots were during practice they basically had them dribble down field for awhile to get used to the ball.

We were so proud, she jumped right in, listened well, and waited patiently for her turn.  She cannot wait for next week, and guess what neither can I!

Way to go Simone!