Friday, August 17, 2012

The City by the Bay

Sadly it was time to say goodbye to our family so on Wednesday we loaded up the car and headed to San Francisco which is where their flight was departing from.  We left after Simone got out of school and made it to San Francisco around 3:00pm.  They were taking a red eye so we had plenty of time to kill so we parked down by Pier 39 to hang out for a few hours.  Man was it cold, it's amazing what a difference a few miles west could mean, I mean you'd think I would be used to the summers in San Francisco having been raised in the Bay Area but give a girl a few years of heat and she becomes a total sissy!

The day was clear and blue despite the temp and the wind, it sure made for some fabulous photo opps of the Bay Bridge driving down Harrison Street.

Pier 39 was busy as it usually is in the summer, so we walked around all the shops and had a late lunch at the place that's famous for their shrimp.  Larry hated his lunch but mine was okay.  The girls bought some San Francisco swag at the souvenir stores and of course we had to stop off for some mini donuts.  It's a must stop for sure.

I mean, nothing beats a hot fresh donut.

Of course we had to walk down to the end of the pier for photo opps with the rest of the tourists and man was it cold and windy.  I wonder what the tourists think coming from all over the world for an amazing summer vacation, I'm guessing the guide books don't tell them "by the way you'll freeze your ass off" because it seems like they're all wearing brand new San Francisco sweatshirts with their shorts.

Oh and be warned that if you asked your 15 year old niece to take a photo for you with your phone, this is probably what you'll end up with on your camera roll...

We miss you already, come back soon!

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  1. Sounds like a bittersweet trip! Fun pics...that's what I get from my 11yr old! ;)