Monday, August 20, 2012

My mommy is coming

My mom is coming to visit tomorrow and we can't wait to see her!  She was here this past December for our whirlwind Disney trip and Simone's birthday so this visit will be more low key.  We have lots of sewing projects planned so its nice that she's driving down so she can bring her two machines.  Mom is an expert quilter and all around fantastic sewer so it will be great to have her help with some projects, the main one being light control in my desk/craft area.  It's the final step to the space remodel so I'm excited to see it done.
Simone of course is totally jazzed to see Grandma, it will sure help soften the blow of missing her cousins so badly.
We may just have to pop into a photo studio to get an update on this photo, July 2009 seems like ages ago.

Look how little my baby is, so sweet!


  1. Enjoy having your Mom to stay! My Dad is visiting us for a month from New Zealand and we are really enjoying having him here - my two year old especially!

  2. Sounds like you're going to have a great visit with your mom! Enjoy every minute! BTW-You look a lot like her! Great pic!