Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Project Life - Week 34

Monday was project day around here, my mom is visiting so we've been pretty busy the past few days sorry I didn't have a regular post up.  It took most of the day to get this weeks spread done, minus some time to have lunch and run a few errands.

Here is a look at the whole spread

and the left side

Studio Calico reveal was on Monday and the background for this slot was one of the brush files they offered.  I didn't buy the kit that had that stamp but love that they offered the file as a brush.  The hello card was also one of the digital offerings.

I think summer swimming might be winding down here, I do hope for at least one more swim weekend this year, my tan could use a late summer boost!  I think she'll miss it just as much if not more than me.

Our kitchen table is right in the line of sight of the evening sun making it necessary to wear sunglasses inside while eating ice cream.

A snapshot of the new editions of Project Life that will be out later this year.  I love both, they are so amazing.

Simone practicing her name writing in some salt at school.  She's doing so well!

A little drama in the waiting room of the doctor last week, crazy!

Simone's bedroom is being transformed and it all started this past Monday.  Larry painted and we bought her a new bed.  She's super excited and it's looking really great.  We're not done yet, a few more projects to finish still.

Grandma arrived and was put right to work!  Happiness Right Here is from the amazing Kelly Purkey.

Here is the right side.

Some cute shots from her first night in the big bed.

Larry and I had a chance for a little overnight while Mom is here to watch Simone for us.  We had a great time!

A little tweet message and some love for the Starbucks Refreshers.

Grandma showing Simone around a sewing machine and some prep for this cool project that starts up in September.

We finally made it to a River Cats game and we had a blast.  What a great park, so much fun!

Having a mom that's wicked talented with a sewing machine is super awesome!

Thanks so much for stopping by, see you back soon!


  1. Sweet spread! Love the chevrons!

  2. LOVE your pages! All your details make them that much sweeter!