Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Project Life - Week 9

Another week in the can so to speak.  No inserts this week which helped speed up the process a little bit.  Now if only my computer would cooperate like it should with Elements open I would be so happy.  It crashed on me when I was finishing the last two slots and of course I hadn't saved what I was doing, ugh.

Here is a look at the two pages together.  Lot's of orange which really makes me happy and a lot about Dr. Seuss this week too.

Here's the closeup of the left side

I found this image online and printed it out on photo paper and cut around the outer edge.  The orange polka dot card seemed to fit so well this week.

This past Sunday I was playing around with my new Cameo and cut out some Peeps to make a garland.  I cut them out in the typical Peep colors and plan to stamp the faces on.  I'll do a post when its all done, I still haven't quite figured out how I want to string them up.  I love my Cameo for this reason, I plan to use it for a lot for things other than just scrapbooking.

I got a package of Washi tape from Japan and gave my mother in law the envelope since she collects stamps but remembered to snap a picture before I passed it on.  I love international mail.  The Tuesday tag is a new item that I just purchased from Robyn Meierotto Design House Digital.  I could have cut it out on the Cameo but did this one in Elements because I didn't have time to play with it.  I clipped a piece of digital craft paper to it and added a drop shadow so it looks like it was cut but it wasn't.

Last week I posted photos of my Project Life pages on Instagram, when I do that I always have my links posted to my Twitter account as well.  A few minutes after I did that I got a tweet from Ali Edwards regarding one of my shots.  Like I said on the caption, "With 4 little words she totally made my day," and she totally did.  The other shot of me in the tub was not typical for me, so it warranted a shot.  I never seem to have time to take a bath but that day I did.  I used one of Ali's life banners again this week and colored it a soft pink.

Leap Year!  Too bad we had rain, we were pretty much land locked all day.  I grabbed a screen shot of of the hourly weather and took a photo out the kitchen window.  I taped the photos down with the new Washi Tape I just got from Japan.  I ordered from Japanese2please on Etsy if you are looking for some.  The seller was great and it came pretty quickly too.

Simone has been bugging me to make the Rice Pudding Recipe featured in her Strawberry Shortcake activity book since we got it last week.  Since it was a rainy day it was the perfect time.  It was an interesting recipe it cooked in the oven, took 3 hours and I had to stir it every 30 minutes.  When it was done, she tried it and hated it.  I guess I'm the only one in the family that likes rice pudding. 

Here's a close up of the right side.  Lot's of Dr. Seuss!

This past week at school was all about Fairytales so the kids got to write their names in fairy dust when they arrived in the morning, they also made these cute little castles.  I added some of the Dear Lizzy pennant garland, which I love and stamped the day with the Dear Lizzy Date Stamper.  The little paper flag is also Dear Lizzy paper sticker sheet.  My Dear I guess I like Dear Lizzy!

I forgot to include a shot of the Instagram Photo Challenge in my Project Life for February so I made sure to include it with the new month.  I attached it to a piece of craft paper and stamped the words with the Studio Calico Stepping Stone alpha stamps, I used the Teal Damask Jenny Bowlin chalk ink.  My stamping could have been better but I decided to embrace the imperfection instead of redoing it.

A shot of a horrible breakfast we had this past week, why oh why did we do this.  I actually didn't take a ton of photos this week so when it was time to fill the slot next door I didn't really have anything.  I decided to search online for a quote or something to add and found this Dr. Seuss one that I really liked.  It seemed perfect since it was his birthday and we went to see the Lorax and all that happy white space is making me giddy.

Simone's been eating a lot of Cuties at school for snack lately and seemed to like them.  We've never purchased them before so I picked some up.  Oh boy they are so good, I totally get the Cutie Craze now.  I cut a piece of the label out and inserted it along with the photo.

It was Dr. Seuss' birthday on Friday, which was either a total coincidence with the new movie opening or a well thought out Marketing Strategy, I have a feeling it was the later.  Anyway while doing a little bit of browsing and Home Goods I found these cute note cards.  I didn't buy them and I regret it, may have to go back.  I also found that yes, there are a few free Dr. Seuss fonts out there and snagged two, one was used here.  The hat was also found online.

I had hoped to take Simone to see the movie on Friday but that never happened.  I was with a friend on Saturday morning and she mentioned they were going with their grandson and invited us to go along.  These two are really good buddies so it was perfect.  They got to sit together and we all had a really great time.  The movie was wonderful so if you have any desire to see it, go, you will love it.

I hope you all enjoyed the pages this week.  It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff we actually do when you start to pay attention to your life by the week instead of by the day or the year.  It makes me realize how wonderfully full our lives are and how thankfull I am for each and every day and memory we share.


  1. Your project life is awesome!!

  2. Such great pages!
    Lots of fun stuff on there.
    We are big "cuties" fans here, too :)

    1. Thanks Mary Jo! We are forever more a Cutie household!

  3. I love all the little details in your pl!!

  4. fabulous PL, love all the design touches. how cool is that ali tweeted you -- so neat!