Friday, March 2, 2012

Photo A Day via Instagram

While I hadn't planned on sticking to the whole photo a day approach this year I still find that its a very hard habit to break especially with the really awesome photo a day challenge that got started over on Instagram.  It's been a blast following along with this challenge and I've had just as much fun seeing everyone else's take on the prompts too.

One of the best things about it is how you interpret the prompts, sometimes I take it literally and sometimes I don't.  It's also caused me to really open my eyes and look for things that will work for the prompt that I may not have thought about.  It's easy to get stuck in a rut with photo a day and this makes it fun, like a scavenger hunt each day.  Instead of a bunch of photos of what you had for breakfast everyday which can get repetitive it gives you something to focus on each day and I can certainly benefit from a bit of focus every now and again.

Here were the prompts for February

And here are some of my favorites from this past month

 02.04 A Stranger

 02.10 A Self Portrait

02.12 Inside your closet 

02.15 Phone 

02.20 Handwriting

02.21 A Fave photo of You

 02.22 Where you work

02.24 Inside your bathroom cabinet 

02.25 Green

02.29 Something you are listening too 

Here is the lists of prompts for March, a lot of good ones coming up.  I have my Instagram feed showing on the blog so if you don't have the app on your iPhone you can always follow along with what I'm uploading.  My last 6 shots are always on the feed on the right side. 

If you have an iPhone I strongly suggest you download the app and play along.  It's a ton of fun and I've met some really great people along the way that follow me and that I follow too.  If nothing else, expand your horizons and put yourself out there.  The love and friendship you receive back is really heartwarming and so very appreciated at least for me it is.

There have been a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon and sadly stealing @fatmumslim's ideas, graphics, lists and hashtag.  She did a really great blog post recently about people not being able to come up with their own ideas and I applaud her for standing up for her idea and concept.  I especially like at the end how she says "If you're going to steal, make a hot-diggity, brand spankin' new version with your flavour on it. Make it better. Make it bigger. Be proud of what you create."

That being said this new take on a photo a day challenge just started this month and I really like it.  I'm familiar with the company Paper Coterie and have ordered products from them in the past.  I applaud them for coming up with their own list, their own name, and their own hastag.  Their prompts are super fun and I may jump on this one too, we shall see.

If you do join Instagram, please follow me I'm listed as @Babz510.

Now go take some photos!

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