Friday, March 9, 2012

Lake Tahoe

Sorry this post is going up so late and will be so short.  We just returned from two days up at Lake Tahoe.  The snow was awesome and the weather was fantastic!  We stayed at the Mont Bleu in South Lake courtesy of a very nice and cheap Groupon.  We don't ski but still had a great time sledding and saucering up on the mountains.  Simone also had a blast winning lots of tickets at the hotel arcades coming home with lots of treasures and stuffed animals we don't need.  Oh and there may or may not have been a Shamrock Shake in there somewhere, you'll just have to scroll down to see.

The beautiful view from our hotel room

She won 680 tickets with a $20.00 investment

The sledding up at Adventure Mountain, where we ran into one of Simone's good buddies which made sledding even more fun.

Last night we ate at one of my favorite restaurants, The Chart House.  We use to go to the one in Sausalito all the time but it closed years ago.  Lucikly there is one in South Lake and it was just as good as I remember.

Yep, there was and it was totally awesome!

Have a great weekend everyone!