Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Workspace Wednesday │ the tooth fairy edition

We lost another tooth yesterday so it got me thinking about how I'm going to document all of this. I've done well taking the photos, making the cards and saving the receipts. I'm just not sure if I should make a separate mini album for this subject or if I should just add these in to her school album that I'm about to start. If you are documenting the tooth fairy and/or tooth loss how are you handling it? I'd love to know.

You can read all about the cards I made and the receipts in this post here.

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  1. My only two cents is once you start a mini you have to be willing to see it through for YEARS to come. I have a Santa pictures album that I haven't updated since 2011. It hangs over my head every Christmas with a cloud of guilt.

  2. I documented the first on a layout and the rest went into the photo album. The first tooth fairy visit was the most enchanting for my kids. After that, it was all about the cash:)

  3. I have put the children's teeth in little glass jars that are good for storing gold flakes and beads - they build up and you have a little rattling collection! Just a thought!

    1. Cute! The tooth fairy takes my daughter's teeth but she did say she would return them at the end. I might have to keep that in mind.

  4. It seems like she has lost a lot of teeth already, though most of it are her baby teeth. Anyway, it would be nice if you had a different album for those, so that you have something specific to look at when you go about remembering those moments. But if you’re including them in her school album, I think it’ll be just fine. That being said, have you started the album yet?

    Anita Campbell @ Throgs Neck Dental