Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Tooth Fairy

I've been meaning to write this post for awhile now and since Simone lost her second tooth yesterday morning I figured it was time. But first let me go back a bit and start at the beginning....

Awhile back on Pinterest I found some really cute ideas on things you could do to make the visit from the Tooth Fairy extra special. The first and foremost "The Tooth Fairy Door." If you search Tooth Fairy Door on Pinterest you will find tons of ideas on how to do it and ways to paint and decorate them. So when Simone's first tooth started wiggling back in October I knew I needed to get busy. I hit my local craft store and picked up a door, door knobs and a door knocker from the dollhouse section. I figured it would take a good few weeks until the tooth fell out so I wasn't in a huge hurry.....

Prior to painting we had to attach the molding around the edge of the door and the pieces that came in our kit weren't cut to the right size so my husband had to do some trimming. He glued it in place and I took care of the painting. I picked up some craft paint and wished I had used something a bit better quality. The coverage isn't the best and I did add a clear coat at the end to try to make it a bit more finished.

Many of the samples on Pinterest had the door installed so it would not open and I saw a few posts where some had turned their door so it would open. I thought that was super cute and decided to give that a try. Now this means you have to paint both sides of the door and more of the interior but I think it was worth the extra time except that like I said above I thought I had all the time in the world to get this done. Of course I did not because the tooth fell out the day before I was leaving on a trip and the door wasn't done. It was a mad dash getting it all ready for that evening and a total team effort with my husband. We still had to finish the assembly of the door pieces and add the backing and install the handles and door knocker.

To decorate the inside I cut a piece of plain chipboard and covered it with white paper and added a piece of Dear Lizzy cloud vellum on top, just enough to add a bit to the magic.

Gluing on the door knobs was easy I just used a bit of hot glue. The door knocker was trickier, in order for it to be movable it had to stick out from the door. After a few failed attempts I ended up cutting a tiny piece of foam tape and so far that's worked just fine.

We attached the whole piece directly to her wall using some command double stick squares. I made sure she had cleared off a space on top of the bookshelf that sits right next to her bed so we could put all this together with minimal disturbance while she was sleeping.

One of the other super cute ideas I had seen on Pinterest was to have the tooth fairy leave a receipt. This had to happen and luckily I was partially prepared and had downloaded a font called Fake Receipt and easily made a replicate of the Pinterest one in Photoshop Elements.

Here is my version of the receipt that I made sized 3x4 (sized for scrapbooking of course).

I found some really thin paper in a journal I had on hand and just tore pieces out and cut it down to 4x6 and just printed the receipt with my home printer. I cut the width down to size and then tore the top and bottom edges against a ruler so it looked more legit.

We also wanted to leave a letter for Simone since this was her first tooth and we had to explain the door in some way. I found a cute poem on Pinterest and used part of it to start our letter, the rest we made up ourselves and poets we are not.

I also purchased this cute set of cut files from the Silhouette Store and we used the cute little pillow box for Simone to leave her tooth in that you can see in a photo above.

Here she is the morning after when she found all her stuff. I had asked for some suggestions and tips on the Studio Calico boards and a few suggested the gold dollar coins which we decided to do. My husband picked up a few to have on hand as needed and she will get one per tooth.

The other day when it was clear that tooth number two was on its way out I cut out all of the pillow boxes so they would be ready to go and I also printed and cut some of the cute little certificate cards that came in the set.

The cards were designed so that each tooth could be cut if you wanted to which I did and backed them with some blue glitter paper. My plan is to make her a little mini album with the photos of her as the teeth come out, the receipts the tooth fairy leaves behind and these cards so its all in one place. I did modify the certificates a bit first from the original that came in the set. I changed the size and deleted some parts I didn't need and made the teeth a bit larger. I print and cut the cards fist via the Silhouette and then run the cards thru my printer after they are cut to add the text.

It's pretty exciting stuff losing your teeth and boy is she excited that number two is finally out. She can't wait for the tooth fairy to come visit again, luckily this time it will be a lot less last minute.

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  1. great idea !!!! love it !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I just love this!!!!!! thanks for a great idea!!!

  3. I don't think you can get any sweeter than this.

  4. I love the idea! I think it's sweet when parents go the extra mile when their children loose their teeth. Simone must've been so thrilled when she saw that pink door, as well as the witty note from the tooth fairy. You really brought up a notch on your parenting skills, Barbara! Thanks for sharing that! Kudos and all the best to you! :)

    Freddie Gray @ Ballantyne Center For Dentistry

    1. Thanks so much I really appreciate the compliment. Its been loads of fun for sure.