Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Workspace Wednesday │ the compartmentalizer edition

I'm planning to play along with Marcy Penner's Workspace Wednesday posts as much as I can this year. I love seeing how people store things and I always love little sneaks into other crafter's workspace's so I look forward to sharing some of my space with you.

By nature I'm a total compartmentalizer. Spell check is telling me that's not really a word, but I'm using it anyway. Basically I like my things in things. Just about everything around me in my home, in my car in my purse is inside something. I hate things floating around loose and messy, which is the main reason I HATE the kitchen junk drawer in my house. 

When I spotted these super cute little divided organizers in the Target Dollar Spot I knew they were the perfect solution to corral all of the cute little things that come in kits.  I love that I could easily separate out everything by style and color so I'm using one for paper clips, one for acrylic bits and one for flair. I really like that I can get an overall view of everything without sifting thru them like I would have had they all been in one dish. I also love that they aren't super big and deep. Because they are shallow, a little less than one inch tall it makes them nice and compact and stackable. Its also a plus that the sections are small which makes is great for the super tiny items that you still want separated out.

Another victory from the Target Dollar Spot and as they say #targetdoesitagain

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