Friday, January 30, 2015

Five on Friday

  1. LOVE this sweatshirt, I mean every Gilmore Girls fan needs this in her wardrobe. Its the perfect thing to wear while bingeing on the past episodes now that they are streaming on Netflix. This is totally going on my birthday wishlist.
  2. Planning on making this Salted Caramel Bailey's milkshake ASAP. It's one of the many recent pins to my Yummy Beverage Pinterest Board.
  3. Spotted this sign while at the movies this past week. I CANNOT WAIT. Watch the trailer here #acaawesome 
  4. I just finished this book. I was a bit afraid of how it might end based on a few snippets of reviews I saw on Goodreads. Have you read it? It was tough but so, so well done.
  5. Super late to the party but my husband and I are loving Breaking Bad. Averaging about two episodes a night and knee deep in season 3. While googling to find and image to add I found this one. Its perfect and you can even get it on a tshirt which is super awesome.
Have a great weekend!

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