Monday, April 14, 2014

Project Life® weeks 7 and 8

So I've been really bad this year with sharing my Project Life® spreads except for the ones I've made for Studio Calico, and its not because I've been holding back.  It's because I'm behind.  I've been behind all year and I'm hating it!  It's not in my nature to get behind on things, well except maybe the laundry.  But I digress. What started out as a 'give myself a bit of a break' period has turned into more than I expected.  I didn't realize I was so behind until I sat down to take a look and realized pretty much all of February was not done.

I set a goal of finishing February by the beginning of April and that didn't quite pan out but as of today I'm only one week off that goal.  I worked on two spreads over the last week or so and I'm happy to finally have something to share.

Here is week 7

It wasn't until after I finished this spread that I realized I had used some of these photos already on my week 6 spread, which I cannot for the life of me figure out why. I guess I got the dates all wrong on that previous spread but oh well, I wasn't going to go back and re-do it.  Everyone will just get a second change at looking at them.  I used a mix of embellishments from the Office House Project Life Kit and the Sugar Rush Project Life kits along with the Free Valentines Day Printable set that Studio Calico shared on this mostly Valentines Day spread.  I just love this week in February its always one of my favorite spreads in my albums every year.  Its just so bright and cheery and happy.

I love making the journaling spill into two of these horizontal slots.  It gives me more room to write and it helps if I don't have just the right photo to put in.  Maximize when needed has always worked for me.

Here is week 8

Amy Tangerine's Plus One collection has to be one of my favorite of all time.  I purchased quite a bit of the line and plan on using it to make my Road Trip mini album which I plan to start soon. When I saw that a digital mini kit was made I had to have it and picked it up at the Project Life® digital shop here.

When I started making this spread I knew I wanted to use pieces from it but then ended up making the entire spread using just the digital pieces.  I did add a few embellishments from the Studio Calico Bluegrass Farm Gertrude add on and the Office Hours Report addon because they worked perfectly.

Not all of the things you see on the spread came this way in the digital kit.  I played around with quite a few things to make my own cards.  I extracted some of the text to use as word art and I also moved, changed and deleted lots of parts to make the cards work the way I needed them too.  Its so much fun having the pieces digitally in order to do that.

This spread happens to cover my birthday so the top portion here was about that day.  I shared it with my daughter and her soccer team as they had a big match that night so it wasn't a super big birthday celebration. It was pretty low key but still really nice.  The center card with the team photo flips out for some journaling about the game and another photo that you can see below.  The photos on the bottom section were from the night after and it was such a great night.  The two vertical 4x6 cards were actually 3x4's but with a bit of resizing I made them what I needed them to be.  My photos from that night were also not the best so with a lot of editing in Rad Lab I made them work.  I also turned the card on the right into a frame by duplicating the layer and deleting the center section of the top layer and placing my photo underneath.

On the right side more regular bits from the week.  The title card came as is but I placed the text from another card on top because I loved the way it looked layered over the colored watercolor strokes.  The pink frame card was flipped upside down and the text was removed to make room for my own. The heart geotag was extracted from another journaling card and made larger for more of an impact as was the Love on the card next to it. The blue journaling card was flipped upside down and made a bit longer so the frame was more toward the bottom of the card and the sun and cloud were extracted from another card to use as an element. The Hey card was just recolored from black and moved a bit to allow space for my journaling.

So now I can move forward on the last few weeks that I am behind on.  Thankfully I just received my May kits from Studio Calico so I cannot wait to get started on my spreads for the gallery.  Did you see the sneaks last night, if you didn't you can find them here, they are so awesome.  And how about that super cute Subscriber Exclusive, love it!

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