Wednesday, January 8, 2014

December Daily 2013 - the rest of the days

I think this is the first year that I wasn't done with this project on December 26th and that's okay. It was a Christmas for the record books, having my family here was the greatest gift.  I decided to let myself off the hook and not take time away from being with them and waiting until after the dust settled to finish the last few days.

Sorry in advance for the massive amounts of photos to come....

Her first school holiday pageant, I was pretty excited about this.

A little matchy-matchy holiday attire for her and I from Hello Apparel and a really poorly lit snap of the family arrival that could only be saved by going black and white. I was too excited to take descent pictures, living in the moment instead of behind the camera.

With visiting family came and Elf and one for us too. It was fun for a week to have these two around and I'm looking forward to Twinkle returning next year for even more fun.

Our family skating night was so much fun, the kids skated and the adults watched and cheered. It was the perfect Christmas activity and these photos are at the top of my list of favorites this year.

I had to squeeze in a shot of the tree and all the stockings before the month got away from me.  The Yo print in the middle is from Tina Aszmus and I loved it so much I had to use it.  I printed my journaling directly on the back.

A perfectly timed Monday Night Football game and of course Kurt and Twinkle got in on the fun!  I found the Candlestick image online and turned it into a print and cut and used the Cameo Sticker Paper.  It was super easy. The journaling is printed on gold vellum.

The veneer family is from a recent Studio Calico kit and I used it as a tab to pull out another photo.

The day before Christmas and lots to include so I added a little envelope to hold the last bits of Elf fun and the day continues behind it.

The front of the Checklist card has some journaling from the day that I forgot to photograph.

I trimmed off two of the slots above so these two would lay on top and the transparency card would remain see through. I love how this looks.

The big day and a massive amount of photos meant I went super sized with my flip up.  I've never made one this big and I love it! The template is from Ali Edwards last year.

I made sure to set up my camera on a tripod for the group shot at the bottom and love this image. The outtakes were pretty hysterical and may need to be printed and added in the back in an envelope or something.

I had one last side to fill and added a image of an outing for coffee the day after. It was such a beautiful day and a great way to end the album.

Another year done and another album that I'm completely in love with and over the moon happy that I have this record of my favorite season, favorite holiday, favorite month.

Until next year December Daily!
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