Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Project Life 2013 - week 43

So we had our first Halloween party and as a couple we dressed up for the first time ever.  What a night, we had a great time with some really awesome friends and needless to say lots of photos to share. I struggled a lot with how to show them and not overpower the whole week. I managed but still plan to do a little something extra with the pictures just to say a bit more and share more of the story of the night.  Thankfully my super talented friend brought his camera and snapped just about all of the photos you'll see.  Phil, you are the best!

Oh and something is up with my camera, I had a heck of a time getting shots that were semi in focus so if it seems a bit blurry to you don't rush out to the eye doctor, its my camera.  I think it needs cleaning and calibrating.

Simone had a well timed trip to the dentist and we got to see new and updated xrays of the new teeth pushing their way up, so cool.  She also got her first report card, exciting stuff.  Some Halloween sweet treats and some crazy mummies we made for the party.

Another super simple title card with the cutest little pumpkin image I found on line.  A photo I snapped of Simone and my mom before she left last week thanking all of her friends for the box tops they gave to Simone, she earned 10 gummie worms and was in heaven.  This group hug thing, it now involves boys.......  I'm pretty sure I have well documented our love for the movie Pitch Perfect and Simone is very good at remembering the songs that were in it. Lately she's been singing her version of Titanium and let me tell you, hysterical.  I was lucky enough to catch it on video and its priceless.  We planned on playing some games at the party and tested a few out before hand.  In theory it was a great idea but the early setting sun made it pretty hard.  Larry's awesome web job on the front of the house and a cute sweater that I'm loving.  I made the little card next to it and kind of love it.

Here is the front cover of the inserts.  I love this so much I can't even tell you it needed to be large and since I don't have a large format printer at home this was the easiest way to make it happen because you can print a 6x12 image at home if you break it down into 3 4x6 images first.

Inside I used a lot of my friends pictures especially all the great ones of the couples and the group shots.  I used one for the text portion, just dialed the opacity way down so my text would show.  Two slots on the right flip up and you'll see those shots below.  The adults were well out numbered by kids and they all had fun and it was a complete madhouse but they were all so good and there were no issues at all.  They even left us adults alone for the most part so we could have some fun too. 

I had to also squeeze in a bit about the soccer match so that is on the backside of the second insert.  Scaled down a lot but I added a flip up to fit two more shots in that I really liked.

I  hope the rest of your week is good, I've off to tackle more of my to-do list.
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