Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Project Life 2013 - week 41

This spread was all over the place on Monday. I usually start very methodically and go from slot to slot always starting on the side that has the four vertical 4x6 slots and them move to the other side. But I couldn't stick to my order to save my life.  For some reason I was having a really hard time finding a direction, its never usually that thought out for one, I don't decide ahead of time on a color scheme it always just sort of evolves for me and ends up working out. I don't know why I struggled so much this week, it may have had something to do with an overwhelming amount of new stuff that had just arrived and my desire to use as much of it as possible. Crafty overload I suppose.

Anyway here it is, in it's brown, green and yellow glory.

Fall has totally taken its time as usual here in California but this one tree in the park by our house knows what day it is and has turned on the pretty for us. The pretty marble parts of the center section is a card from the Studio Calico Antiquary Project Life kit. It was 4x6 I just cut it down to make a 3x4 card and ended up using a strip for the card below just to carry it over. Its such a pretty pattern I wanted to make sure it got used. I snapped the photo of me in some leaves this past Saturday, loved the tones and the light in that shot.  This group hug thing seems to happen daily at dismissal and I'm glad I got one on camera. The rest is about our time at another pumpkin patch on Sunday, the bottom flips out as you'll see below.

I'm a big lover of Heidi Swapp's Color Shine spray and she just released a new batch of colors and one is called Citron. By name alone it was a must buy for me and it didn't disappoint in person. The color is the most amazing green with gold shimmer.  I sprayed the tag for the title card and love the pop it gives. I used it on the facing page as well on the corn maze alpha, they are also Heidi's resist alphas and I just painted it on with a paint brush which worked great. 

A another outfit snap and the cozy card seemed perfect, its from Tina Azmus and can be found here. I worked in kinder again and spent some time at the sharpener and couldn't resist this shot.  My contribution is up for the Cutting Edge class so I wanted to include a bit about that.  The weather is cooling down and blankets were required at soccer practice last week. Another beautiful sunrise and some much needed room cleaning for a little girl. I went shopping at Trader Joe's and found these super cute little sleeves for gift cards and had to grab one to use here you can see it below as well.

Here is that shot of the color shine up close, so pretty!

All of the wood veneer you see on the spread is from Studio Calico's new line called Printshop that my friend Shanna Noel designed. This all came in my recent kits and I loved adding it around my spread. It should be out soon and you can find the whole line here.

We had a bye week for soccer this past weekend so no soccer insert. It was weird not having a game on Saturday, we sure missed it but we'll be back at it this Saturday.

I hope you have a great rest of the week!
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  1. what's that cute journal card you used for the pumpkin patch? love it

    1. Hi Elisa,
      It was a printable file that was part of Studio Calico's Letterpress Class that was given to all the students. I modified it a bit digitally for my needs.