Monday, May 6, 2013

This is Me album, continued

If your not a scrapbooker you might not know that this past Saturday was (inter)National Scrapbooking Day.  While plans to get together with my scrapping buddies didn't work out I still managed to stay up late and get some stuff done.

I started the day by scanning a ridiculous amount of old photos and getting things mapped out for how I wanted to tackle the first section.  I think I explained in the last post that I'm doing four sections for this album, it just made sense to break things up because my mind works best that way.

The first section is all about 'the early years' and its going to take the longest which is why I hadn't really started anything yet.

I scanned the front page of my baby book because it was just so cute. I have to commend my Mom, she did a great job of keeping up with it for me being number two. Lots of gems of information in there for sure like the day each of my teeth appeared. Way to go Mom!

I made this spread to talk a bit about my childhood. The writing for this project is what's taking me so long. Digging that deep into the memory bank is hard! Remembering to tell all the stories I want to tell is hard, making it sound good is hard. Hopefully it makes sense and hopefully it will tell my story.

The clipboard is a Cameo cut file and I love it, that torn paper edge makes me so happy. The photo collage is all digital. Oh, the seventies, they weren't good to anyone!

I took a few breaks here and there and after I put Simone to bed I started my second layout. As you can see below its a work in progress at a late hour.

It still looked the same in the light of day. I sat and stewed a bit unsure and all and took a break and went and dug through my hope chest for some graduation stuff and found a gold mine of things to include. This project may just need two volumes.

I made a few changes and this is what I ended up with. I broke the photos down by school so I could get some of that info down. I knew I wanted to journal a lot but didn't really have room so I opted to have the photo blocks flip out so I could hide it there which you can see in the photo below. Too much needed to be blocked out but suffice it to say it took me most of Sunday to write it. I could have written so much more.  On a funny note, Simone asked who the boy was second row on the left. Yeah, nothing like a 5 year old to remind you of how bad that cut was!

 Have a great week!


  1. LOVE this project. It's just so great!

  2. Great job. Great journaling. Great project.