Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Project Life 2013 - week 18

Its 'go big or go home' week this week. I haven't done a large scale photo since the end of last year and this week it was more out of necessity than aesthetics.  My photos were crap. Being sick showed in my photo stream. A whole lot of nothing. I sat and stared for hours trying to make something out of nothing and then I went big and the rest just fell into place.

I enlarged three photos vertically to fill the three strips on the left side of my spread and I love how it turned out. Simone loved meeting the baby and loved even more that she was wearing one of her old outfits. A shot of me and my shoes that I love and Simone loving that the water has been turned on at the spray parks.

The right side was filled with the photos and bits that I did have for the week.  The title card is a Cameo cut file of a library pocket. I just enlarged it to fit the space that I needed. The little card inside pulls out and has my journaling for the large photos on the left side. I used washi to decorate the outside and used a piece of flair that was just the right color.

I made myself a color chart of my new watercolors and its hanging on the wall right by my work area. These bright colors make me super happy! I lost my voice last week, super fun! Simone had a great time at a play date on Monday with one of her school friends (no school that day). She made him a drawing and wanted to mail it proper so she did. A new obsession, so good! Larry and his popcorn, he loves it! I loved that Simone's friends mom thought to send me a photo of him with the letter when it arrived, she's a keeper! Simone's latest and greatest pool toy, so rad! A photo collage I made of my scrappy friends for NSD that I posted on my Instagram feed and my mess from two days of scrapping this past weekend.

Here is the little pull out of the title card so you can see it better.

Here's hoping for more photos this week otherwise you just might see a repeat of this layout!

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  1. I LOVE the 3 vertical enlargements! It looks so great! Will definitely be stealing this idea...

    Awesome as usual!