Sunday, December 16, 2012

December Daily 2012 - Days 13, 14 & 15

The last two days have been busy, busy with fun activities.

Here is the spread for the 13th, our night at the Polar Express train ride.

The envelopes on the left side open and there are these little double sided photo inserts in each.  Oh and if you're really paying attention I did fix the typo on Express.


The insert of course had to be my favorite quote from the movie and one of our tickets.

Here is the spread for the 14th, a little girls night of shopping, dinner and cocktails.  I tried my hand at a sequin confetti pocket and it was great fun!

I love the letterpress cards that came with the kit and felt they didn't need any embellishing

and the backside for some journaling and yes I fixed that typo too.  Its funny how I can look at things but not see them until I'm looking at a photo of them.  Must be a brain disconnect or something.

Here is the spread for the 15th.  I wanted this story to have its own spread because it was the first time Simone has written Santa a letter and even though this happened days ago (the letter writing) and (mailing the night of Polar Express).  I still wanted to include it so since nothing super exciting happened yesterday in it went.

I made the little banner at the top to cover the backside of the Sisters from the previous spread and left the confetti showing.  I rewrote the letter we wrote together on a journaling card so it would fit better.  The drawing was done on the same piece of paper as the letter so I just extracted it and laid it on to my page.  I cried when I saw this drawing, it touched me so much and I thought she did an amazing job.

Here is the insert another letterpress card.

and a picture on the back of the envelope because it was so cute too.

Thanks for sticking with me and I hope your days thirteen, fourteen and fifteen went well too!

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