Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ProjectLife - Week 47

I had this done Monday night and had every intention of taking photos and getting the post up yesterday but I spent all day in bed battling a cold.  I wish I had taken the photos yesterday because its raining today and the light is less than ideal for photographing layouts.  I apologize for the glare and hope our clear morning light returns soon!

Lots of giving thanks this week, and lots of good food as well!

Here is the full spread

And the left side.  Simone made the corn cob and school a week or so ago and I knew I wanted to use it for the Thanksgiving spread.  Its much large in real life so I took a photo of it, removed the background in Photoshop and added it to the title card.  It was Larry's birthday last Sunday, managed to get some pretty good candle photos to include.  I love food, that is all.  A bit of Christmas cheer on my desk and Simone and her hot cocoa hot tub.  I used one of my favorite stamps from Prompt Shop (what the what?) and made it into a digital file same as the corn cob.  I love everything Nicole does, you should check out her shop.  I took Simone to the store to do a bit of birthday and Christmas wish list making, this is just a handful of the things she loved, as you can imagine, she loved a lot of things!  She also got a much needed haircut from her cousin last week, 6 inches off!

Here is the right side. Feeling under the weather started last week, hoping to shake it soon.  Some photos from Thanksgiving at my in laws. So much good food.  I picked up some tinsel, its tiny for scrapbooking and it makes me happy!  A really great swackett graphic from Thanksgiving.  Larry got his tank back and oh my goodness, he is so happy.  It looks amazing, and the paint color is so pretty in person.  He's taking the bike back to its original state and its looking really great.  A shot I took of Kelly's December Daily kit, love the vellum papers.  We cooked another dinner on Friday and had Simone's God parents over.  It was so great to hang out and have a really nice long visit.  And of course the civil war.  I'm not from Oregon but my mom lives there now and we've just sort of become fans and love watching them play.  Nice job Ducks!

Happy to be up and out of bad today, we have a Christmas tree to decorate when Simone gets home from preschool and I have some December Daily foundation pages that need to get finished before Friday.  Hope to be back then to share what I've put together.


  1. LOVE your pages!! You ROCK the digi elements too!

  2. Love this week's layout! The corncob is too cute! Thanks so much for the shout-out. Hope you are feeling better now!!