Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Project Life - Week 44

A whole lot of festive Halloween this week, and it was a lot of fun, plus seeing all the orange just makes me happy. 

Here is the whole spread, see lot's of orange!

Here is a close up of the left side.  I'm not going to show each slot this week, mainly because I figured if I made the photos a big bigger on the blog you would be able to see everything just fine.

I did a massive closet clean out and switched out my summer clothes for fall/winter.  I was ready way before our weather was but that's another story.  The Giants swept, go Giants, Larry made a home made, even the crust apple pie.  Simone got her soccer pictures and I love them.  A super cute Swackett graphic from Halloween, there were so many fun ones to choose from.  A bit of remembrance for the Hurricane and our last minute dash to a pumpkin patch for some pumpkins.

Here is the right hand side.  I didn't have a ton or photos for the last part of the week, but I had a lot from Halloween so instead of doing an insert I opted to use the top two slots for flip ups to include the photos from the preschool party and then the evening.  You'll see them flipped up below. 

The subway art for the top right hand slot came from Rhonna Farrer, she posted it as a freebie on her blog here. I loved it an knew the minute I saw it I would use it this week, so thank you so much Rhonna!

The slot with a quote also flips up with some journaling that's just for me.  A shot I took of our Meyer Lemon's happily ripening in what appears to me to be an awful lot like the phases of the moon.  An ice cream that we are all currently loving.  Do yourself a favor and get some, it's that good.  Happy for some lower gas prices, yay...I guess.  Larry jetted off for a week, so on the way to the airport we stopped for coffee, I was beyond happy to have a red cup in my hand, oh happy day!  The cute sequin sleeve was from last year but they do have some equally cute ones out this year, just not sparkly.  I loved this shot Larry sent to me from the plane.  As Simone pointed out, Momma, you can see space in this picture.  And you know what I suppose you can!

Here is the flip up for the preschool party.  The text was copied from my blog post about Halloween with just a bit of editing.

And the one for Halloween night, again the text came from the blog post but I edited it a bit more since I didn't use all of the same photos on this collage.

I guess that's about it, if you have any other questions on something I didn't cover just let me know.  Thanks as always for taking a look! 

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