Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Project Life - Week 3

This week was tough for me, I think it has more to do with me being sick than anything else.  It felt like I was moving in slow motion and it took a lot longer to put together than last weeks pages.

I forgot to take a picture of the two weeks together last week, so I remembered to do it this week.

I had so many photos to add this week I started to feel overwhelmed while I was planning and was worried it was starting to look overloaded with photos and not enough journaling and white space.  I liked my pages last week because it felt like there was white space.  I ended up changing up a few things from the original plan.  I shrank some photos down and found myself loving Cathy Zielske's new Tiny Templates that I just bought.  I know I'll be using these a lot for this project.

Here's a close up of the left page.

The little Beauty and the Beast pieces came from a toy Simone got after her doctor appointment, her reward for getting through three shots.  I wanted to use them and added them here at the last minute.  The doctor visit was a big deal this week so it seemed appropriate to add them here.

An Instagram shot from my Sunday trip to Costco with the caption I used for the photo on the journaling card.  This page was hybrid.  Photo printed on photo paper the rest printed on card stock, date stamped after printing.

The photo on the right is a screen shot of my Costco list.  My husband and I use the OurGroceries app to sync our lists, its very handy and you should check it out.  The other shot is Simone being goofy.  The tag is from the Clementine Element set from Jessica Sprague, I printed out a whole sheet of them and cut them apart to have on hand.

The journaling for Tuesday was written on the free journaling cards Cathy Zielske put on her blog this week.  Love these so much!  The next slot is one of Cathy's Tiny Templates.  I love that you can have a photo but still have some white space with journaling.

This slot was just a photo but I felt it needed something so I added the Tuesday overlay on top by Amy Jazz at The Lilypad.  My printer wasn't lining up right when I printed this photo so the alignment is a bit off but I didn't want to print it a 3rd time so I went with the best of the first two I tried.

Here's a close up of the right side

The big doctor visit, I wanted to add these two photos with some journaling, so after some trial and error with a few different layouts I ended up putting two of Cathy Zielske's tiny templates on a 6 x 4 canvas and it totally worked the way I wanted it too.  I just deleted one set of title and journaling layer's and made the other one bigger so it traveled over the whole canvas.  The whole thing is printed on photo paper.  The tiny date label is from 7gypsies.

I had a lot of Instagram photos that I wanted to include this week so I made a collage using a template from this set of four of my favorites and added the journaling to the spot on the left meant for a photo.  I did a little search on Google and found out that the Instagram logo is a font called Billabong and it's free to download! I love being able to mimic the logo in my journaling.  The number's I used were a freebie from Persnickety Prints, I changed the color and adjusted the transparency to mimic the look of vellum stickers.

More stuff that came from Simone's doctor visit, Monster Spray and her new Chore Chart. I shrunk the actual chart down to fit on the 3 x 4 card and added the journaling to the bottom.  I thought about writing it by hand but knew I couldn't write small enough to get it all on there.

A small journaling tag attached and trimmed to fit the corner and another Instagram printed 2 x 2 and attached to the journaling card.

I used this template last week and loved it so I used it again.  A great way to get three shots from one day on one 6 x 4 canvas.  The flag is from the digital Clementine Elements kit at Jessica Sprague that I shared above but this one I used digitally, I added a drop shadow to make it pop and typed the journaling.  I love the blue and the orange together, such a happy combo. 

I wanted to date the photo with my date stamp but also wanted to print the whole thing on photo paper so I found another font called STAMP that mimics the look of a date stamp.  Love this!

A simple page to end the week with a photo and a simple day of the week graphic.  The photo was printed on photo paper the rest printed on cardstock.  There you have it another week done!

I'm kind of loving that I wait to pick which cards I want to use each week.  For example this week ended up being a lot of blue on the right side so I chose the blue week card for the left to help balance it all out.  When I did this version two years ago and was doing a strict photo a day with journaling I layed out all of my cards in advance.  I much prefer to start each week with a blank canvas.  That way I can choose based on any themes or obvious color stories that comes out based on the photos I picked for each week.

If you have any other questions about specific items I used let me know.


  1. This is a great week, you have got a lot of really interesting things to look at.

    I think it looks fab - not too busy, just right!

    1. Thanks so much Sharon! I really appreciate the kind words.