Monday, January 30, 2012

It's all about the balance

I meant to post this on Friday but being sick and all the day just kept slipping away until it was dinner time and I just didn't feel like tackling it.  Thankfully despite being sick we managed to have a really great week.  I ended up working on my Project Life pages yesterday, it was nice getting it done on Sunday.  It was quiet here and there were no football games competing for my time.  Check back on Wednesday for those pages.

For now, the real star of the week was Simone's first attempt at riding her bike without training wheels this past Wednesday.  Larry felt she was ready having seen other kids her age riding on their own, so he took off the training wheels and the peddles.  It's all about the balance so the first step was teaching her how to push with her feet while keeping the bike up on the two wheels.

First a little demo from Dad

Then lots of attempts by Simone.  She was just so excited about all of this and so proud of herself.  When she kept her balance she would jump off her bike run over to us and give us big hugs.

Only a few wipe outs but they were always slow and no big deal.  She jumped right back up.

After she was comfortable with it, Larry pushed her from behind just to see if she could keep the bike steady. 

Then he put the peddles back on so she could actually peddle the bike and she managed to make it all happen in unison a few times on her own.

Here she's actually peddling the bike and went a whole two squares on the sidewalk before putting her feet down.

I had to leave to work at Simone's school so while I was gone Larry took Simone to the park and had her ride her bike there and back. He said she did really well, scooting along and balancing the whole way.

This is her practicing on Thursday and doing really well.

Hopefully if the rain holds off like its supposed to this week, she'll have lots of time to practice and get even better. 

Way to go Simone, we are so proud of you!

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