Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December Daily - Days Sixteen thru Nineteen

Its been my best intention to post everyday but my printer ink ran out so I couldn't print my completed pages so here we are another catch up post for what I've been doing the past few days.

Day sixteen, a much needed parents night out for Larry and I to a holiday party given by some friends.  We stayed overnight at the Pleasanton Hilton and had a great time at the party.  I always try to get a good shot of just Larry and I in this book and was happy to get a great hold your arm out long self portrait in the room before the party.  I played around with the photos and added a sepia tone to them.  I love how they look, I mean who doesn't look better in sepia tones.  I also added some glitter to the pocket insert and stitched them closed on my sewing machine.  I love how the coppery colored glitter works with the sepia toned photos.  I decided not to add photos to the pockets mainly because I'm not feeling them at all this year and find them to be more of a pain than a delight to work with.  I love the idea of the glitter in the pockets I guess I just wish it didn't stick to the plastic.  I'll be playing around with this a bit more for sure as well with the sewing, I love how it looks

Day seventeen was an ornament party at Mary and Mark's house.  It was a really great time with some good friends.  Cindy had a great idea to take photos of the couples by the tree and of course we got one of the kids too.  These two sure love to be around each other and its always fun to see them so excited about everything.

I had another envelope page today and it worked out beautifully to hold the shots of the couples printed out and adhered back to back.

I played around with text on this side because I had extra room.  I'm totally enamored by Subway Art so it was my beginners attempt at making a block of text.  It was a fun way to list everyones names at the party.

The back of the envelope allowed a collage of some silly photos from the night and the right page has a great picture of the family members at the party.

Day eighteen and we FINALLY took time to sit down and make the Gingerbread House that we got the other day.  Simone was so excited and had a blast!  Thank you Larry for catching some good shots of the two of us at work. 

Day nineteen, a girls day for Simone and me.  We planned to run errands, have lunch and see a movie but at the last minute she changed her mind on the movie.  It worked out well, the theater had the Chipmunks out on display for photos, SCORE!

I haven't done today's pages yet because we are going to the Theatre of Lights show in Old Sacramento tonight so I plan on getting a few shots of that.  Wish me luck!

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