Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Daily - Day Two

Chugging right along and yesterdays pages were about us getting our tree.  Now I need to be honest, we actually got our tree this past Tuesday which was still November but it really doesn't bother me that our tree purchase did not happen on this actual day.  Ali mention in her post the other day not to get too hung up on things happening on the actual day and I totally agree with her.  I would hate to miss out on putting the story of buying our tree in the album simply because it did not happen in December.  It's still part of the season and its important to me to have it in there.  That being said, here are the pages for Day Two.

Again, here is the foundation pages before;

 Here is the left side of the page.  I saved the tag for the Christmas tree and I love how it has a QR code on it, to me that's so 2011 since those things seem to be everywhere these days.  I haven't checked it to see where it goes, I guess I need to put a QR reader on my phone.  Last year I started keeping track of how much we pay for our tree each year, and it looks like we paid $3.00 more this year vs. last year.  This page ended up being pretty simple, which is okay by me.  I added a piece of green cardstock, attached the tag, drew some lines around the edge in a gold pen and that was it.

A closer view of that side.

I knew I wanted to add a few photos from the day, I didn't take a lot but wanted to capture Simone with Curious George who she brought home from school that day to keep for a week.  He is the class literacy bear and the kids take turns bringing him home, reading his books and taking him on adventures.  I thought this would be fun for Simone and George to do together and he seemed to like it.

The photo block is actually from Ali's 6 x 8 template set from last year. I dragged just the photo blocks into the overlay and then enlarged the photo blocks to fit inside the upper portion of the overlay. Essentially it saved me from having to figure out the spacing and sizes myself. I then turned off all the layers except for the photo block, printed it on photo paper, cut it out then adhered to the upper portion of the page that I had already printed out. It looks like a few of the other templates from last year can be used the same way. I did the same thing for the journaling block, created a blank canvas the same size as the bottom space, typed up the story, printed it on a piece of 4x6 card stock, cut, glued it down.  I also punched through the center of the page as well as the page protector and added the red plastic flower and the brad.  The center was calling for something and that seemed like a good option.  I like how it draws your eye to the photos.

A closer look at that side, click on it to read the journaling.

So far so good, today should be action packed, my Mom is coming for a visit so lots of photo ops for the next 10 days for us for sure.  Have a great day!