Monday, August 8, 2011

Week in the Life, Completed

Wow, what a project, I can't believe its done and off to the printer.  I spent the past two days glued to my desk chair really wanting to get this project done.  I had a goal of finishing by the end of last week and I did it.  Having the templates that Ali designed really helped me along but it still took a lot of time choosing the photos, figuring out how I wanted it laid out and writing the text. 

I ended up using a 4 page spread for each day, the title sheet and then 3 additional sheets for the photos.  I wanted to complete the project 100% digitally and on this first attempt at the project I wanted it to be about the words and photos and nothing else so I opted not to use the divided page protectors like Ali was doing.  I did incorporate my favorite moments from the day and my favorite thing overheard on the first page of each day.  I really liked having these memories documented.  I had planned on documenting the weather but I found that my photos told the weather story for me, same for what we ate each day.  I did a pretty good job of highlighting our meals here and there so I decided not to include specifics on that.  I had never done a 8.5 x 11 project before so it was fun trying something different and I really think for this project it was the perfect design.

I really enjoyed participating in this project, I was also very happy to put my camera down for a few days and only shoot what I had to to stay current with my Project Life album.  There was a bonus however, I really got a lot of time in with my DSLR camera and feel like my shooting did improve a lot over the course of the week, bonus! 

I am now 100% completely in love with this project and I'm so happy that I did it.  I look forward to doing it again and again.  Truthfully taking that leap really was the hardest step for me.  I don't  know what I was so afraid of, doing it proved to be fun and very enlightening.  

I'm really loving Orange these days so when I found the paper in my digital supplies I new I wanted to use it for my cover page (the paper was in a freebie pack from Persnickety Prints called Summer Sorbet). I opted not to use a photo on the cover because I loved the paper so much. Once I had that paper chosen I found this Orange We R Memory Keepers album which seemed perfect for my completed pages.

Now on to the finished any to see larger.  Enjoy!

Try this project, you won't be sorry!


  1. Wonderful! Are you putting these pages in a binder or are you printing them as a bound volume? As I looked through your pages, I found myself wondering how many of us included a "Borders Going Out of Business" photo? I know I did.

  2. Thanks Deanna! I'm putting it in a orange We R Memory Keepers leather album. Tine Borders photo sure was a great way to document the economy.