Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two Weeks in August

A lot can happen in two weeks, especially when you have family visiting.  We were lucky enough to have the Dwyer's stay with us from August 5th thru the 22nd.  We had an absolute blast with them and the two weeks were action packed to say the least.  We were also lucky to have the Bonavolonta's pop in while the Dwyer's were here for lunch and a swim.

There were plenty of great meals, including this one with Larry's home made Gnocchi and the best grilled asparagus I've ever had done by Mark.

There was plenty of this kind of stupidity,

and lessons for Kennedy on how to make cinnamon pull apart bread.

There were plenty of donuts,

Key Lime Pie Martinis,

s'mores by the fire pit

and the best appetizer dinner ever!

There were movies in the car on the way to Disneyland,

and enough energy to hit the park the same day.

There were fireworks at night,

and this kind of love that made me so happy.

There were breaks from the heat at the Tiki Room,

and yummy picnic dinners before World of Color.

There were chances for a group shot at the front gate,

new sequined Minnie Mouse ears for Simone and Mickey pancakes for everyone at breakfast.

 There were cool retro signs to enjoy,

and impromptu visits by not one,

but two lovable chipmunks!

There were 3D glasses for Toy Story Mania,

and walks through the water sprayers to cool off.

There were stops at Grauman's Chinese Theatre and the Walk of Fame.

As well as chances to see where the celebrities celebrate and

photo ops with the Hollywood sign.

After all that, there was time to hang out at home, swim our hearts out, shop some, eat some more and then sadly take this bunch to the airport.

Simone cried the whole way home and keeps asking when she can visit them and when they are coming back.  We miss you Dwyer's, our house is too quiet.  Come back soon!

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