Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last Day of School

What a difference a year can make. 

I remember dropping Simone off that first day of Toddler Time, completely unsure how it was going to go.  Was she going to cry when I left?  I had never left her before, would she understand that I was coming back?  It turned out fine, I was the one that cried and she was super okay with me leaving her.  Having this time each week really has been great for all of us.  Mom and Dad have had a few hours to themselves each week and she has had a chance to meet some new friends and learn how to be a good girl for her teachers. 

There have been many changes for Simone this past year besides the obvious physical growth; she's taller and her hair is longer.  I am shocked that she can still get those shoes on, seeing as they are a good two sizes smaller than what she is wearing now.  I had hoped she could wear the same dress today that she wore on the first day but it was a no go, a bit too short these days. 

Simone's vocabulary has changed so much since that first day.  She has blossomed into quite the talker instead of just a head nodder.  She is super funny, loves to laugh and has the highest pitch squeal I have ever heard and I am convinced that she could talk to dolphins because of it.

She goes to the art table first thing now instead of having to be begged to sit down and make a picture.  We do make a pretty big deal about the stuff she brings home and she does like seeing it out on display.  Either way, I'm very happy that its a favorite activity of hers now.

She's learned a lot of really fun songs and she loves to sing them.  Her favorites are Slipper Fish, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the ABC song.  She just about has the ABC song down, we just need to focus a bit more on character recognition. 

It helps to have two really great teachers guiding her this past year.

Ms. Susan (r) is the teacher and Ms. Miryam (l) is the aide.  They are so great with the kids and work so hard at what they do.  They really care a lot about the kids and Simone really loves both of them.  It was hard to say goodbye today, we will miss them both very much!

Simone only has the month of July off for her summer break and seeing how most of that is taken up with swimming she will be back in school before she knows it.  Next year she is headed to Tiny Tot Pals preschool and her teacher will be Ms. Robie.  The classroom is a bit closer to our house and 3 kids from her current class will also be there.  Her new school will still be two days a week but it will be 3 hours instead of an hour and 45 minutes so Larry and I are super excited for the extra time we will have.  Getting a gym and shower in within and hour 45 has been tight.  We may actually have some time to relax.

Anyway, back to Simone and how proud we are for what she has accomplished this year and how much she has grown into a big grrrrl as she says. 

We love our Simoney Baloney....

P.S. in case you picked up on it in the picture from today, yes she has a giant fat lower lip.  She fell off one of the bar stools in the kitchen on Tuesday night and landed on her chin.  She's fine but has quite the boo boo.

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