Monday, June 6, 2011

The Flower Girl and the Academy Grad's

This past Friday was my niece Christina's wedding and she asked Simone to be the flower girl.  Simone had an absolute blast and loved every minute of her time as a flower girl.  Starting with the rehearsal on Thursday night she adapted very quickly with her petal tossing task and had made sure to walk slowly and count out her steps carefully.  She had no trouble remembering her steps for the actual wedding and there may have been a tear or two as she walked down the aisle with Cole the ring bearer.  The wedding turned out lovely and Christina and Byron were very happy with how things turned out and really enjoyed their day.  Simone spent the whole reception on the dance floor with all the bridesmaids which was really cute to watch.

The following photos are candids taken before the wedding.  Most were taken by a family friend of Mary's, I wanted to enjoy the day and didn't take one picture if you can believe it.  The official photographer seemed to take a bazillion shots of Simone so I'm really looking forward to seeing those shots too. 

Practicing her pose for the photos to come at the church.  Aunt Christina (Dwyer) did her hair and it looked so cute!  Check out her cute yellow toes too...

Simone and Daddy

Me, Simone and Larry before we left for the church

Simone said she looked like a princess, couldn't agree more.

A princess that really, really, really wanted her own veil.  Christina was a beautiful bride.

Cole the ring bearer

The wedding party, the colors looked so pretty

Love this one

and this one too

Mary and Christina

Larry and Delaine

Christina and Delaine

On Saturday we held a party for Mark Jr. who graduated from his Fire Academy the same night as the wedding.  Since he couldn't be at his ceremony we watched it on video.  A lot of family was still in town so it was a nice way to end the celebratory weekend.  Christina and Byron stopped by for a bit before they left for their honeymoon.  Here are some photos...

Ashley, Katy and Christina
(Ashley was the one that took all the great candids at the wedding)

Christina Dwyer made these super cute cake pops for the party, they were so good!

Joyce (Ashley's mom) and Christina

Mark and Larry manning the BBQ in the rain...

The Academy Grads Mark Jr. and his friend Josh (we love Josh, he's like a member of the family)

Some of Mark's family came out for the wedding and Mark's party, it was so nice to see them
back row L to R Herman (Mark's brother), Mark, Mark Jr.
front row L to R Katy, Herman's wife Julie, Mary, Mark's Dad Warren and Kelly

What a weekend, I recovered on Sunday by spending most of the day on the couch.  It felt like I had been standing up for two straight days between the wedding, party prep and the party.  It was an absolute blast and we had a great time at both events.  I wish Christina could have stayed longer but she will be back soon with the kids for an even longer visit.

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