Sunday, July 16, 2017

Winter is Here │ Game of Thrones

Sometimes we're a bit slow to rally around TV shows and I knew for awhile we were probably missing out on this one. I know that bingeing has its benefits so in early June my husband and I decided to start watching so we would be caught up for the return tonight. In a little less than three weeks we watched the first six seasons, that's 60 episodes if you're keeping track. Thankfully there are only 10 episodes per season so it made catching up easier. Which also kept me from feeling like a giant sloth at the end. The added benefit of everything being super fresh in our minds has us very excited to watch the return tonight.

I took a little break from my day to stamp out a sentiment so I would have something to document the day in my scrapbook. I used Kelly Purkey Shop alpha stamps in Kent and Roebling and added in some snowflakes from an older Clearly Kelly release.

Enjoy the show tonight. We'll be glued to our TV for sure.

Winter is Here!
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