Thursday, December 29, 2016

December Daily® 2016 │ Days 22 thru 25

I intentionally didn't rush thru the last few days of this project because I was savoring it. I really never want it to end but it always does. I have one last thing to create for my album to slip into the back to hold our Elf photos but for the most part my December Daily® is done.  Here are the last few days.

Day 22

I struggled with how to use the back of the previous circle page for a few days and was happy I gave myself the time to come up with an idea. In the end a pocket was born to hold extra pics printed with my Instax printer. Its double sided so I had a place for the journaling.

When you screw up your stamping but you're not going to recreate the whole page you leave the mistake in even though it really bugs you.

Day 23

I really wanted to use the little rubber circles that came in Ali's main kit but was having a hard time fitting them in. In the end a page inspired by bokeh was born. The tissue confetti was from Ali's kit last year and I'm glad I held on to it. The left side is one of Ali's story note pads that I used as a base. It's a little different than just a plain white background and I love that.

Magic card is from Kelly Purkey's December kit.

Journaling card from In A Creative Bubble.

Day 24

Kelly Purkey's December kit release contained this new set of numbers that I just love. Its from her Day One main kit and I just love them. I used the outline number and the companion Day One numbers stamp to create my background. I just alternated the placement and filled in some of the outlines but not all. I added in the little December and TH stamps and love how this background turned out.

I cut one protector down to add in some extra pictures and then added a tab to the edge.

The filler card is from Push Print Studio that I recolored to match the In A Creative Bubble card.

Loving the new Insta Story stickers you can add to photos.

Gold card and flair from Kelly Purkey's kit.

Journaling card from In A Creative Bubble edited for size and color.

I have used this 6x8 template from Ali Edwards for the past four years on Christmas Day. It seems to be just the right size to get in some favorite shots from the morning.

Like I said above I plan to add in one last piece to hold all of our elf pictures from the month and I'll be back to share that as soon as its done.

I hope you all had a glorious holiday season!

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  1. Love seeing your beautiful pages, thanks for sharing

  2. love seeing your pages as well - great inspiration! Really loving the way that cookies is on that circle- Is this a stamp or printed font?

    1. Thank you so much. The cookie text is done on the computer and the font is called Hand Shop. It is a paid font but there is a free demo version which is what I used here.

  3. I'm hoping to scrap-lift your cookie circle this year - I'm guessing it's a print and cut with your Cameo, which I now know how to do (YAY!). One question, it looks like you used one piece of photo paper (cardstock?), so I'm wondering how you got the "COOKIES" on both sides? Abby

    1. Hi Abby, its printed on cardstock and the underside is one solid circle piece and the top Cookies flap is just a half circle piece. I just adheared them both to the front and back of a piece of cardstock that I useds as a base. Hope that helps.

  4. Happy Monday Barbara - Yes! That helps a lot! You're so talented with Silhouette that I figured you found a way to print & cut on both sides. Definitely going to give this a shot. Thank you!