Friday, April 8, 2016

Featuring Kelly Purkey │ March Release

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! I wanted to pop in real quick before the weekend to share with you the two projects I made using Kelly's March Release. The release this past month had one mini kit designed by Christine Herrin who I am a big fan of and four stamp sets. You can see the full release right here.

I made two projects with items from the release this month and my favorite was this layout I made completely inspired by the Ellie Goulding concert we went to a few days ago. I used the Mulberry Alpha Stamps exclusively on this layout. I was so inspired by the amazing set design during the concert that I used it for inspiration for this layout. Ellie had seven screens in really cool geometric shapes behind her during the show. They were used as screens most of the time but for each song they served a different purpose. I snapped a few pics of them throughout the show and as we were driving home looking at all of my pictures I thought "oh, that would be a cool layout design." I knew the alpha stamps would be perfect to stamp some of my favorites songs from the concert to create my background and it worked great as you can see below.

The first thing I did was create a template based on the set design so that I could clip some of the many, many pictures I took during the concert too. I printed it out in three sections since I don't have a large format printer and then cut around the sections with an exacto knife. I then decided where on the background I wanted to photos to go and then started mapping out the best way to add the stamping.

I used the deep navy ink from Kelly's Urban Ink set and went letter my letter across my page and I made sure to leave a little space to add in the gold puffy star stickers to break up all the text. I'm not going to lie, this took some time. I made sure to go really slow and take my time because invariably during projects like this I drop a stamp or smudge ink and I really didn't want to have that happen. All in all it took me about and hour and a half to do all the stamping and I didn't mess it up once! Yay me!

Once I was done and I laid my photo block on top I found that the stamping was to close in color to the photos so they were both competing too much with each other. My solution was to layer a piece of vellum over the top of the stamping and it softened it just enough to let both parts stand out. I moved my stars on top of the vellum so they would pop more and I'm glad that I did. Here you can see how it looks underneath the vellum. Its really pretty but just a bit too bold.

I absolutely love how this turned out. If you have a chance to see Ellie Goulding's tour I highly recommend it, it was such an amazing show and she is crazy talented.

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My second project was a Pocket Page spread using Christine Herrin's Spring Break mini kit. I loved the colors of this kit and of course I love seeing Christine's amazing brush work on the stamps and the cards. My daughter attends a year round school so she doesn't get a traditional Spring Break but she happens to be off track in March so its technically a break in spring although its not spring break, does that make sense?

I was totally drawn to all of the green cards in this kit since they paired so well with my photos from week 10. I used the escape stamp from the kit and I also used a few from the Gimme a Break and Let's Make Magic sets.

The little blocks from the Lets Make Magic Set are so funny, I can see using these a lot, especially the Netflix one. Ha! Here you can see how I used them right on top of my photo of my daughter jumping for joy and on the card in the middle where I changed up that card to read beautiful instead of in the water. I used the new Union Ave. alpha set which pairs perfectly with the Bushwick alpha to stamp the 00.

I hope you loved this latest release! It looks like everything is still in stock but I know quantities are getting limited on some items, so happy shopping while its all still in stock!

See you soon,
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  1. Love how you used the spring break kit, and really wishing I had purchased the Mulberry alpha stamps now...sigh. At least I got the Bushwick, and the Union are still available. YAY! My kids used to be in year-round school too - it was so nice when we switched to a traditional school year! Gotta love those summer breaks :)