Friday, August 14, 2015

Going Digital with Kelly Purkey digital kits

I really love that Kelly Purkey decided to release her kits in digital form this past month. As you might know the Reading List kit sold out in record time which is awesome but because of that she offered up the Reading List Digital Kit. It includes the digital stamp and the printable cards. This really opened up even more options for using this kit which is so cool. I really hoped to made a mini album with the kit but I just didn't have the time but I did have an hour or so to sit down and make this digital layout that I can slip into my daughters school album.

I used the on my nightstand and the book digital stamps to create my background using the Pattern tool in Photoshop Elements. I then layered several of the Reading List cards on top of each other. I adjusted the opacity way down so they would be slightly see thru. I added the rating card digital stamp to each card and added in the text. I made sure to highlight some of my daughters favorite books from this time period and especially the book she is reading in the photo. I added in a few of the other digital stamps in the areas that were open and needing another little touch. I left one of the Reading List cards blank to add in my journaling and another was a mat for my photo.

You can see all of the digital offerings that Kelly Put up right here. She even put up some of the most popular recent stamp sets which is so awesome.

It was so much fun using the kit digitally that I hope I can continue to share something each month. I can't wait to see what's coming for August's release!
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