Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sew Simple │ Typewriter Cover

This past weekend we went to a local Antique Fair and I picked up the coolest little typewriter table for $20. Normally my typewriter was kept on a shelf out of the way so it got very little use. We recently removed a piece of furniture in the bonus room adjacent to my office so I knew this piece would fit perfectly. I love that I can now keep it out so it will get more use, but it definitely needed a cover or something to keep the dust out of the inside. I thought it would be super cute to make one out of fabric and a quick google search lead me to a great blog post on The Magic Margin. Their pattern was super simple and the instructions were well laid out and I was pretty confident I could tackle this project in a few hours.

I stopped first at Joann's for some fabric but wasn't finding anything that I loved. I was hoping to find a decorator weight fabric so I didn't have to do the interfacing step but all of the patterns of those seemed too bold for the size of my cover. I decided to try Hobby Lobby because my store usually has some pretty on trend fabric choices and was pleased to find several that would work for my needs. I ended up picking this grey and cream Woodgrain print and because it was 100% cotton I decided it was best to do the interfacing step. The fabric is from Brother Sister Designs and the code on the fabric is B52-OWR-P46 and its stamped 2013 if you are interested in tracking it down. Using the pattern from The Magic Margins as my guide I measured and adjusted the pattern to fit my typewriters dimensions. I determined that 1 yard would also be enough for my machine and I purchased the same amount of interfacing. For the interfacing I picked up Pellon mid weight fusible interfacing because I wanted to add a little bit of weight to the fabric. This ended up being just enough to give it some rigidity so it would stand up correctly when placed over my typewriter.

My typewriter is a pretty standard Smith Corona Coronet Super 12 that I understand is pretty easy to find. I purchased this a few years ago from someone on Craig's List and I only paid $10 for it. The only thing I have done to it is blow it out with some air and replace the ribbon and its works great. If you happen to have a similar model and want to make a cover for yourself here are the measurements I used for my pattern pieces.

It was lots of fun sitting down and sewing something again and I have enough of the woodgrain fabric left over to make something else, maybe a pouch or a book cover or something. Another positive is this typewriter has gotten some serious use in the past few days, my daughter is loving it and sits down often to write stories and play office. That's a total win win!

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