Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Workspace Wednesday │ Hello February

Its February and that means two things; a) Valentine's Day is almost here and b) my birthday is this month. I love that my birthday is in February, it means more pink, more chocolate and more celebrating! I also hope to include more making to that list. To help with that I recently went thru some of my stash and made sure that some of the special pretty items I have been saving (okay hoarding) were all within reach and out in the open because one of my goals this year is to use the things I love and not save them. So my goal for the month is to make sure that everything pictured here gets used. I'm thinking the scratch off February calendar card from LifeLovePaper is a total no brainer for a Project Life® spread along with the cute heart card from Marcy. The Cheers card from Jamaica and the Mama Needs a Cocktail stamp from Kelly will be an easy fit in either my Project Life® for my birthday or for a little layout about me with some of the sequins tossed in for good measure. Now granted Kelly's stamps are just hitting the market and not old but I really want to make a point to use them and not just file them away out of sight. I think this would be a really good challenge to take on each month and I would love it if you would join me. I invite you to take a look at your desk right now and grab four things (or more) that you have been saving and set a goal to use them this month, it will be fun! If you decide to play along share a picture of the items you have chosen and tag them #scraptheprettythings and then make sure to tag the finish projects too.

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  1. Challenge accepted. I'll pull out my Ali Edwards kits and get to work on some firsts or gathering ideas.

  2. I love this idea and would love to play along! Wishing I had some KP stamps to add to my four things. ;)