Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Photos & Words

I'm a huge fan of learning from others, especially others who do such amazing work.  Studio Calico has announced two new classes that I am personally very excited about. I can always use some fresh inspiration to shake me out of my photo taking rut and I can definitely use some help telling my stories in a new exciting way.  I think if you've been at this hobby for awhile now you might be like me, needing a fresh perspective on how you look at what you do and if you are new to the hobby what better way to learn from the pros and start off on the right foot.

Here is the first class Snapshot - Bring your every day moments into focus with Snapshot. Join April Foster in shooting a photo a day in September and learn to capture all of the little details that add up to your favorite memories. Snapshot will be enrolling through 9/30/2014 at 11:59pm EST, and class will begin on September 1st.

  • 30 photo prompts designed to help you turn the camera on every aspect of your life and find new things to capture.
  • Photo samples for every prompt from April and one of her contributors, along with bonus ideas for each to help stretch your creativity.
  • Tips and tricks for staying inspired to pick up your camera and shoot new things from April and her contributors.
  • A minibook project from April featuring her photos from the class.
  • A class message board and gallery to share your thoughts and photos.
  • Digital photo brushes from Hello Forever (shown below).
  • A printable prompt list – sized to fit into your planner or your camera bag.
These digital brushes will be perfect to add right to your photos prior to printing.

The next class is Pen & Paper - Put pen to paper and make your memories come alive. Join Laura Kurz for Pen & Paper and take your layouts to the next level by seeing how you can use words to truly make a page. From journaling prompts to interviewing your loved ones, this class will explore many different ways of looking at life to tell your story. Pen & Paper will be enrolling through 9/30/2014 at 11:59pm EST, and class will begin on September 1st.

  • 8 PDF lessons designed to help you find your voice and share your memories in a more meaningful way.
  • 1 video from Laura sharing her thoughts on the importance of journaling.
  • Jour
    naling tips and tricks from our contributors - everything from finding the right words to capture a mood to fitting all that journaling into a page design.
  • Digital layout templates from Shanna Noel in 12x12 & 8.5x11 (shown below) - designed with room for your biggest stories.

Class Syllabus:
Week One – Getting Started
  • Assignment 1 – Finding Your Voice
  • Assignment 2 – Recording A Day, A Week, A Month
Week Two – The Interview and the Letter
  • Assignment 1 – The Interview
  • Assignment 2 – If I Die on Monday
Week Three – Other Ways of Storytelling
  • Assignment 1 – Let Others Tell Your Story
  • Assignment 2 – When You Can’t Find the Right Words
Week Four – Looking for Prompts and Being Random
  • Assignment 1 – The Prompt
  • Assignment 2 – Let it Flow

Now if you are like me and know that you want to take both classes check this offer out! Purchase the Photos & Words bundle and save over 10% off enrolling in each class individually! This bundle offer is available through September 30th. By enrolling in the Photos & Words Bundle, you will receive access to two classes - Pen & Paper with Laura Kurz and Snapshot with April Foster.

I hope to see you in the classroom!

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