Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Marking the halves

Yesterday this girl turned 6½ years old. Looking thru her photos while I was making this was so much fun, so many forgotten fun times and cute smiles.  Long gone are the curls and that crooked head tilt when she smiled for photos. In its place is a confident and happy girl that makes me smile each and every day. We don't typically make a super big deal about her half birthday even though she would love an excuse for a party. Instead we try to do a little something fun to mark the day and this year we went to a pottery painting place for the first time. We had the best time and she did the best job painting her little box to hold her new collection of earrings. While we were out two of her friends and Mom came by with a half of a cupcake for her which was just the sweetest thing ever! I so wish we had been home to catch that moment on film. Suffice it to say she loved every minute of her special day down to the last bit of frosting on that half of a cupcake.

Here's to many, many more halves my sweet girl.

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