Monday, March 31, 2014

fonts, fonts, fonts

I love text in all shapes and sizes.  I love anything that has text on it, I'm a huge fan of clothing with text on it, with home decor items that have text on it, especially if the text is written in cursive and a a major bonus if its also in french.  I love pretty fonts, I love the way a font can help convey a message just by looking at the text without even reading it.

Because I love text and fonts I have amassed a fairly large collection of downloaded fonts.  When I scrap I found that I was spending way too much time scrolling thru my font list trying to find the perfect font, which was totally no fun.  I decided to make a cheat sheet for myself, just so I had a single page to quickly glance at while I was working.  It looks like this;

I created this list in Excel mainly because I could sort it alphabetically after I had typed all the names but you could easily do this in any word processing program.  This is by no means my complete list, its just some of my recently downloaded fonts that I don't want to forget about, specific fonts that are good for making faux chalkboard art, some seasonal fonts that I needed for last years Halloween party and all of my typewriter fonts.  It definitely makes it super quick and easy to choose a font.  Now if I had tons of time this list would also be sorted by font type, serif, sans serif, script, etc but time is precious so this is the way it is for now.

I posted the above picture on Instagram and had a few folks asked for some of my favorites.  Here is my list for you.  I will link to what I know to be reputable sites only.  Disclaimer, please make sure you have an anti-virus program on your computer before you download anything and make sure to use your own best judgement before hitting any download button.

** these are paid fonts but at a nominal cost

Like I said this is nowhere a complete list but just the favorites that popped into my head as I was typing back my response on Instagram.  I tend to find a ton of fonts online on Pinterest and a few of the blogs I read regularly do font features at least once a week.  You can see and follow my Pinterest Board here.

Let me know in the comments if you would like me to start featuring fonts more regularly and I'd be happy to do that.

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  1. These are so fun!! Love to find new gems. These are my fonts I am addicted to…arsenal white, bebas, boboline, brain flower, code light, corki, couture, deming EP, doergon, ever after, headliner no. 45, impact label reverse, kg call me maybe, kg two is better than one, learning curve, lavenderia, lobster 1.4, modern no 20, mtf skinny jeans, neou, old press, ostrich sans, pacific, print clearly, remington noiseless, sloppy hollow, steel fish, sweetness, the skinny, 1942 report.