Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Project Life 2013 - week 13

Well, thirteen appears to be a lucky number for me!  This weeks post was super fun and I had a blast playing around with Easter pictures requiring an insert and there are 2 flip outs as well.

Here is the full spread.

Here is the left side up close.  I tried again to use as many of the Studio Calico kit cards as I could especially the ones I really love.  The Grow Where you are Planted was from the February kit and I was holding on to it for just such an occasion.  I  made the title card digitally, I'll talk on that below.  The rain card is from the March Studio Calico kit and since our winter season is winding down I opted to use it here with some text about a thunder storm we had and yes a typo that I cannot change.  The Currents card is a digital item that's available this month at Studio Calico, its from Life Love Paper and I love this set.  So great to use when you have a slot to fill and no idea what to say (like I had this week).

I really wanted to make this card out of vellum and I searched high and low for bright colored vellum paper but couldn't find any that I thought was bright enough.  If you know of some let me know will you.  I resorted to digital and it ended up working probably better than if I had used the vellum.  I colored an egg shape, changed the opacity of each to 65% and got the look I was after.  I backed the eggs with a digital wood grain paper but it was showing through the eggs which I didn't like.  I used the eraser tool and just erased it from the areas just under the eggs.  The calendar is also digital I just changed the layout of it to suit my needs.

Here is the right hand side.  Larry has been working on this bike for a few months (as you've seen).  He started it and rode it for the first time that day.  We were both holding our breath for sure to see if it would start and it did.  So proud of his hard work restoring this bike.  A few shots of some Meyer Lemon's and a cocktail using said lemons. 

The collage on the right was a happy accident.  Simone and I were goofing off taking photos of ourselves and when I went to my camera roll on my phone to choose one to post on IG I realized they were all in a nice grid for me.  I snapped a screen shot and uploaded as is.  An instant collage.  For this slot I used two screen shots because the very top row of 3 pictures got cut off on the initial collage.  I just cut and pasted in Photoshop, deleted the photo that was in the first upper left slot and added a digital word art to that slot and the one below (from Studio Calico) and it was done.

The two bottom 4x6's slots flip out, you'll see them below.  I also added a few text slots to tell a longer story and a quote that would only come from a five year old.

This flip is from the class I took in Berkeley on Saturday at Scrapbook TerritoryShanna Noel taught the class and she was a delight.  We had a large group of 8 ladies in class and we had lunch together after.  A fun day for sure. 

The other flip up was from later in that same day.  We had a chance to visit with my Dad and Stepmom so Simone got to run trains over at Grandpa's.  My Dad has been collecting trains for most of his life and his layout is amazing.  Some of the buildings on it are older than me and many I remember him building when I was a kid.  We had dinner together at my favorite Mexican place that just reopened.  I swear if you cut me open you would find this enchilada sauce in my veins.  It's so good and I'm so happy they are serving food again. 

Here is the insert I added in between the two pages above.  I took a Design D protector and just cut of the outer two slots.  I needed some good vertical space for the egg photo so I opted to go this route.  I added a little tab from my stash and some pink tiny letters.

Here is the back side.  Some photos from brunch and Simone hunting eggs and a family shot.

If your wondering where the luck comes in, its here.  After I posted my pages to my Instagram feed on Tuesday this happened.  Becky Higgins the lady that started this (Project Life) was kind enough to share one of my images with her loyal and vast number of fans.  It truly made my day and I thank her so much for bringing this project to my life.  It truly has made me infinitely more aware of how much I have to be thankful for and enjoy every day that I have with this crazy bunch of family and friends that I get to walk through this life with.

Thank you so very much Becky!  And thank you so very much to all the lovely people who commented on her posts.  I very much appreciate every kind word.


  1. I saw that cute idea on Becky's fb feed! I didn't know it was yours, but I loved it as well! Congrats on getting props from Becky herself!! I don't have instagram, but I might need to join it just to see all the great #projectlife ideas. And I love your spread this week! Great balance of color and white space. And I love the happy accident of the photobooth-type collage!

    1. Thanks so much Kelli! You totally need to get on Instagram, so much goodness and its so fun to share.

  2. I'm fascinated with your flip-ups (and outs)! I'm probably not reading carefully, but do you cover the flipping-out part with a protector? If so, what holds it on? Thanks!

    1. Hi Donna! The flipping out part is not in the protector, only the bottom is. I did a detailed post on how they're made earlier this year. You can find it here;

      It's all adhered to a cardstock base.

      Let me know if you have any questions!

  3. I read that one! I'm stalking your flip out/ups. :) I didn't think the flipping part was covered by anything. I know you've only recently made them, but do they seem to be holding up okay? They're adorable! While I'm quizzing you, do you make each card on your computer and then print them out? You said that you're digital now, and I don't see anything that looks like added physical embellishments. Thanks for all this info!

    1. I did them last year as well and they're holding up fine but I don't have a bazillion people flipping thru them, ha! Because it is photo paper I make sure wet sticky fingers aren't flipping them because that can cause damage.

      I design most everything in Photoshop Elements first and print them at home. I go slot by slot and print as I go. No photos are printed in advance. I do add embellishments to slots on top of what I print but do prefer a clean look so its not a ton of stuff.

  4. Thank you so much, Barbara! I prefer to work on my computer, too, and I also like clean pages. I really appreciate your sharing your knowledge and tips! Happy scrapping! :)