Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Project Life - Week 42

I cannot believe there are only 10 weeks left for 2012, or that I've actually kept up with this project for 42 straight weeks.  I'm super happy for both I suppose, the last quarter of the year is my favorite and infinitely easier to document with so much fun stuff going on.

Here is a look at the whole spread

and the left side

Our leaves are finally starting to fall here so this seemed appropriate for the title card.

A collage of photos from our drive home from Oregon last Sunday.  I pulled a map off the Internet for the background of the card.

Did you watch this guy jump from space, OMG, the guts it must take to do something like this.  I was thoroughly amazed and Larry watched most of it from my phone on the ride home while I drove.  Sadly the best parts were missed because we lost the signal but it was fun to follow along for sure.

We got the fall decorations out on Monday, its always nice to see something festive on the mantle. 

Larry has been playing this game for awhile now and has amassed quite the pretend fortune for the first time this past week.  It's even higher as I type this, he is having fun seeing how high he can go.

A field trip for preschool, lots of fun.

It's that time of year...!

Here is the right side

Simone got her flu mist and was a real trouper!

A new addition to the family this past week.  This card flips up and there are more photos and details inside.

Food truck yumminess and one sassy little girl!

Larry has been working so hard on his bike and was thrilled when it started up this past week.  Man is it loud! 

I got a trim and the bangs have returned!

My first pumpkin pancakes of the season, yummy for sure.  A cute little book that the kids worked on at school.  Not sure why Simone's is upside down!

We had a little online chat with the new family member and the parents on Saturday.  Thankful for technology when family is farther away than you would like.

It's raining here today as I write this and we're happy to have it, I guess maybe now I can put away the shorts an officially embrace the long pants.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love how fall-ish your spread is. Awesome as usual! :) And 10 weeks left?? Crazy

  2. It is great that you describe such things.